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Tropical Delirium: the buffet that soothes the warmth of Rio - Rio de Janeiro

Recently I went to have a tasting in the wonderful city, I enjoyed and I spent some more days enjoying. Commenting with friends, one of them said to me: "Don't miss going to the Tropical Delirium, there are several in Rio, but Ipanema's is my favorite."


There I went, after a day of beach and a lot of sunshine, nothing better than salads or cold food to feed and still cool. Ipanema's restaurant is two blocks from the beach and if you have a table on the second floor you can eat watching the sea, not bad, right?


Arriving at the place you come across a counter with various salad options: with meat, chicken, veggie, grain. The system is very simple, you choose the cashier if you want the simple, with a salad ($ 18), double with two options ($ 24) and Tri-mix ($ 27). Without a doubt, I bet on the tri-mix that besides hunger is also salad, right?


My picks were: straw - carrot, chicken, corn, mayonnaise sauce with mustada and potato chips, wet and crispy. Lentil with vegetables - lentils, carrots, peppers, onions, green spices and lentils and finally a portion of peach palm, had the option of the day. To finish the assembly, a natural cashew juice that comes in a bottle to facilitate.

Every day has the option of the day, both for salads and for side dishes. In addition to the dishes, it also has quiches, protein options with meat, chicken and fish in addition to veggie. All brand new and with a great face.

The atmosphere is very informal, there are people in swimsuits and the table next door is people in suits and ties. It has a counter to share which solves the problem of who goes alone like me and still risks talking over lunch.


In addition to delicious and practical, Tropical Delirium is a place to eat fast and well, without worrying about calories and how you are dressed. The place cares about serving and about the origin of their food, prioritizing the fresh and local. Another difference is that there are several stores around Rio de Janeiro, and opening hours from 11am to 10pm that allows lunch to dinner.

On their website you can choose the store and see the menu of the day, isn't it amazing? This way you will focus on the salads you will eat!

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