Travel Around the World with my Mommy Letz #6


Winter vacation is not complete without experiencing the snow, seeing mountains covered by a sea of ice and making ice ball! I wanted my Mom to experience all these. Everyday that we spent during our Christmas vacation in Japan was meant to be colorful and memorable, anyway.

It was a test as well for my Mom if she can tolerate too much cold and the heavy layers of clothes. One of our bucket list was going to a ski resort and have fun. I am certain that we both would be bedazzled by the summit and fancy on hot tasty Japanese soup.


Upon arrival, we got to ride the gondola going up to the peak. The weather was fine and it was not snowing. The sun was almost up but it remained tremendously cold. When we reached the summit, we explored the area. We got inside the restaurant to feed on ourselves. We sip some coffee and tried to observe the crowd. I told my Mom to go out and got some walk.



My mom noticed that it was snowing. Then we kept walking but it never stopped. Gradually, it started to cover the slope. Young ones and middle aged people were enjoying the place. I told my Mom if she was fine with the idea of skiing. She refused because of too much cold and she was not ready for it. She added, she just loved watching the snow, the people skiing, the icy peaks and the everything around.

We came closer to the children's area, but still I was not able to convince her. We went further to the slope with professionals and neophytes alike. Still, she refused. We decided to check on the other restaurant for lunch.



I checked on my Mom how she was doing. It would have been another check on my bucket list if we gave a try. Sports such as this needed physical and psychological preparations. I cannot leave my Mom as well at the restaurant while enjoying and having fun myself. I preferred not to try as well. Maybe the next time when it would be safe to travel again, she is much prepared. Skiing is just around after all. We left the ski resort with our hearts full. Yes, we did not try skiing but other things beyond that -- like snow, icy summit, slopes filled with children on sled, professionals and neophytes skiing -- made this winter complete!


Her smile is priceless. The snow, the laughter of the kids, the screams of the teens and the fun of some families around made her happy. These are all free. No need to pay the rentals, no added fees. Just sit down and observe everyone's happiness would truly make you realize that life is not at all complicated.

When we arrived in Osaka, we decided to eat our dinner in Dotonbori. We so enjoyed it!



We were really tired but our hearts were extremely grateful.

Thank you for patiently reading my adventures with my Mom. A like and a follow would be warmly appreciated. Stay safe and stay strong.

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