Travel Around the World with my Mommy Letz #5

It was a fine afternoon. The weather is good. One of our dream vacations include sitting down, relaxing and having quality time with nature. Who would not want that anyway? No one could turn away from verdant mountains, chirping of the birds, rustling waters from the creek and cool breeze. It was an adventure! We saw red lanterns arranged carefully like a stairway to heaven. Let me share this adventure with you.


It seemed elusive to go to Kifune that day since we missed the earlier train. We needed to wait almost one hour for the next train to arrive. Yes, it was really a struggle for both of us if we push the trip or go elsewhere and maximize the time. We ended up going to the array of red lanterns. The trip was a bit long. I knew my Mom was uneasy since it was becoming a bit late and we needed to rush before it got dark. We will surely miss the beauty of nature!

We arrived around past four in the area. My Mom was really upset since the entire place was surrounded with mountains and trees. There was a creek too and it was drizzling moment after moment. It was gloomy. People have started to leave the area. There were only around five vehicles left including the bus where we alighted. Before we started walking to the shrine, the bus driver told us that it was the second to the last trip so we have to be back after one hour interval.


Indeed, we needed to move a little faster. My Mom was not really tired since she was able to take an hour of sleep while waiting for the train prior to the bus ride. She was energized and was excited for what is in store for us. We made sure that the remaining one hour will be equally memorable and fun! Off, we went on...



As we were walking, we realized there was no one with us. My Mom was asking creepy questions and I just kept laughing each time to stop entertaining fear. But yes, I had so much of Japanese horror movies in mind. I was trying to be calm and diverting the topic to appreciating nature, finding peace in the mountain and the simplicity of life.


Meanwhile, we saw a village of old houses. We felt much secured since there was a community trying to keep the environment alive. However, almost all stores around were closed and still no one is seen walking in the area. At least cars were seen parking in the area and some others would probably seem to spend the night there.




When we arrived at the shrine, we never wasted time. We took our selfies and took photos everywhere we wanted. We were delighted when we saw some tourist going down to go the terminal. We did not climb up further and instead maximize the few minutes in appreciating everything beautiful in the area.


Someone with a kind heart offered to take us a photo so I took this chance as well to pose with Mommy and express my gratitude for her kindness.




My Mom was asking me to leave already but I told her to just smile and enjoy the place. I assured her that we will not be left behind. But of course, she took me some cute pictures as well!



There was a bunch of Japanese who climbed up last few minutes. And so I assured my Mom to just relax and stay calm. But she insisted that they had their cars with them so we need to go back. I humbly obeyed her then.

Kifune experience was very quick but extremely exciting. It was short respite with nature. Despite the rush and very limited time, my Mom enjoyed a lot. She had a great walk that day, she saw another side of Japan. She appreciated the beauty of communing with nature and praying altogether.

We both wish to be back in this place.




Thank you for reading my feature until the end. I wish to see you again in my next feature.

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