Travel Around the World with my Mommy Letz #2

Still on our second day in Japan...

We left Shirakawago with our hearts filled with so much humility and gladness in our hearts. Praying is possible when you find inner peace and being grateful with what you do. Your work is your contribution for the good of mankind.


Our next stop is Takoyama. For me, it looked like Kyoto but with lesser tourists and not that expensive. The houses in the village are well preserved too. You can stroll around the area to search for some cute souvenir items and if you are hungry, Japan never run out of unique and tasty delicacy.


My mom and I were both energized that moment after we took a nap during our travel from Shirakawago to Takoyama. There were mountains everywhere mantled by snow. As I mentioned in my previous post, our tour is going to be full of first-times. And yes, this is my Mom's first winter experience. She was so mesmerized by the snow watching on the window of the bus. And so upon arrival at Takoyama, she was a bit sad realizing that the sun is up. Her face lit up in bliss when we alighted and she saw remnants of snow.


She kept reminding me that the best things in life are free -- traveling, exploring, listening and even loving and caring. However, eating is one of the best things we both love doing but it is not for free. She felt a little cold that time and so we decided to eat some ramen. I did not remember exactly the name of the restaurant but they served some great tasting noodles.



We went further in search for something different. We saw a river. It was very clean despite the crowded place. So many houses flocked on the river bank and kiosks selling street foods and souvenir items on the other side have settled in but I never saw a single garbage in the area. We decided to take some pictures of the river to inspire others that we need to take care of our rivers.





Some tourists would go down and experience Koi feeding. We would have wanted that too but my Mom's knees were already begging for rest. As we head back to the assembly area, our eyes were wide open when we saw cuddly dogs wearing their Christmas costume. These fur fellows reminded me of my two huskies, Ashe and Yasuo. Hmmm... I will feature them soon in my next post but in the meantime, these dogs made our day!


Thank you for reading my story. See you again in my next feature.

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