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Welcome to Boston! Rich in history, Boston is often referred to as "The Cradle of Liberty" for the role it played in instigating the American Revolution. It was settled in the 1630s by Puritans that fled religious and political persecution in Europe. Boston experienced a season of discontent as colonists began to rebel against the heavy taxation imposed upon them by the British Parliament.


This is the Old State House in Boston. It is at the cross-section of Washington and State Streets. How appropriately named or probably renamed. It was built in 1713 which I have a hard time wrapping my head around. In terms of buildings in American history, it is one of the oldest surviving public buildings in the United States. It was the seat of the Massachusetts General Court for 85 years, until 1798. It is now a history museum.

This is the front of the building. The balcony shown is where the Declaration of Independence was read for the first time. This caused a riot and the Lion and the Unicorn at the top of the building was ripped down and burnt. When it was refurbished in 1883, it was put back and to this day, every July 4th at 10 am, the Declaration of Independence is read from that very balcony.

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The picture below is the Freedom Trail Do you see those bricks? They follow a path to show you exactly where you need to go to see the Progression of the war. The Freedom Trail starts in Boston Common. It is America's oldest park, having been established in 1634. The Puritans purchased the 44 acres from the first European settler, Anglican Minister, William Blackstone for the price of thirty pounds. It was purchased for the people of Boston in mind. Each homeowner paid six shillings and the land became known as “Common Land” used for grazing until 1830. A shepherd was paid "two shillings and sixpence per head" to tend townspeople’s livestock. Boston was so strict in their beliefs and until 1817, a giant elm in the Common was used for public hangings. Today, it is still used for the people of Boston, but, as a meet and greet place, a place to spread out your blanket and relax.

It's all about the Freedom Trail. The Freedom Trail is a two and a half miles trail that is marked by red bricks. It will take you past sixteen historical landmarks, including meeting houses, churches, burying grounds, and historic markers, to name a few. Together, these tell the story of the American Revolution.


Today is #MarketFriday initiated by @dswigle (Denise, that's me!!) Join me as we share our markets across the globe. I always look forward to seeing what you send me! It is amazing to see the different markets and cultures of our friends here on Hive. Today we will be revisiting Boston to celebrate the upcoming Fourth of July. It is a small reminder of the brave men that fought for the freedom of our country.

Every step is a story, a piece of what ignited the American Revolution.

The Park Street Church was built on top of the site of the Old Granary Building, The construction work included tearing down the Old Granary Building (built 1728) Their claim to fame was that they had sewn the sails to the USS Constitution there. Back in the day, Sunday Services WAS what you did for that day. The sermons could easily be two to three hours. Its nickname was Brimstone Corner, partly because of the sermons that were given there, but also because they stored gunpowder in the Church basement during the War of 1812. The first abolitionist sermon was preached from there and many members thought that William Lloyd Garrison should be lynched. The architecture was seriously Puritan. Plain and Plainer. They even disguised the one stain glass window so you couldn't see it from the outside. source


When the Kings Chapel East became overcrowded with the growing population of Boston, the Granary Burial Site was designated as a final resting place. The cemetery holds many Patriots from the Revolutionary War era, the most notable being Paul Revere. There are five of the victims of the Boston Massacre and three that signed the Declaration of Independence – Robert Paine, John Hancock, and Samuel Adams.

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I didn't know that the Old State House in Boston had a gift shop. Upstairs from the book shop is a museum, which was kind of cool, except for the price. "Is that for all ten of us?" " Not bad." "Oh? That would be per person." I am not sure how I missed it on the first go-around! I think I was so interested in the history of the building and everything it stood for, admiring the architecture... Somehow trinkets were the last thing on my mind. But, when I went back, I went in and enjoyed many of the items they had in there, although most were laced in sarcasm.


This is one of those funny/not funny moments in time. I couldn't have said it better myself! This was what was written about this cup.


Need a daily reminder of how screwed up things are? Then consider getting the Disappearing Civil Liberties Mug. The mug depicts the Bill of Rights, one of the most revered and essential documents of our nation. Congress has been picking away at these essential rights for a decade, and now you can actually see them disappear every time you pour in hot liquid. Oh, they don't all vanish – your right to assemble and protest takes a hit, but your right to bear arms stays just where it was. This can be used by left and right-handed people.


There are giant pencils with erasers... scrolls of the Declaration of Independence. Signed baseballs, all kinds of political satire written. Tee shirts encouraging you to start a Revolution. If you can imagine it, I am sure someone will make you one.

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Please leave the link to your post here so it can easily be found by others. It helps you and me to have them in one place. Where else can you take such a quick trip around the globe? Thank you so much for joining us!! ❤

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Boston is an amazing city that can't be seen in just one post. The summers are filled with people on the street, playing chess and listening to music. Come back on Sunday and we will do it again in perfect harmony. And just like that, this post is done. I hope you had a good time and learned a little something new. As always, I want to thank you for taking the time to visit, and just remember, #MarketFriday loves you! Thank you for supporting the challenge! Have a most fabulous day! Cheers!!





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