In Pictures - The Maastunnel, Rotterdam

Today we are going through a tunnel and not just any kind of tunnel. This one connects the opposite sides of the Nieuwe Mass River in Rotterdam. Yes, you can go under! And it’s not something you’d call a small river.

It is used daily by pedestrians, cyclists and cars. The Dutch are known for their engineering and architecture and this is no exception. It is old, pre WW2, and surprisingly, it was finished during the war. It was almost destroyed but somehow survived, probably aided by the Dutch resistance.

Opposite to what I’d think, I read that tunnel was cheaper to made than a bridge. Must be their malleable soil that takes less effort to dig out.

Are you claustrophobic? I’m not sure if this tunnel would affect you. I felt very cozy inside, and there was enough air throughout. It is 1373 m long with about a kilometer below ground. It runs 20 meters below the sea level. It’s interesting to watch the distance you are about to traverse from the entrance buildings on the either side of the river.

Very close to one side is the Euromast Tower, so why not take a detour there as well.

The caretakers try to make it interesting for the visitors and a while ago the theme was Valentine’s Day. What a nice way to spend a day with your significant other, don’t you think?

Camera: Cell phone - Moto E5 Plus

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