BellaStella Travelling in Croatia

Hi guys and gals, long time no see. I was quite busy the last months, but I was not able to forget about steem. I have been travelling to Croatia. And I payed the trip for me and the family of with my steem earnings ;-) . A small THX for housing and feeding me, as well for introducing me into the world of people.


We found a new home in Brodarica with the help of @dumar022 who runs a family business in running appartments (don't ask me for a price, because # price is toxic ... ;-) ask dumar if you want to know )


I spent some nice time sunbathing at the beach and even tried to tan a little bit. Unfortunately without any success. Seems I have to keep my noble paleness...


One outstanding event was a small steem-meeting with some of the balkanos and others ( @moon32walker , @alktoni and a new one, from which I forgot the name, then @lamaisonjeandel and ) We made a nice barbecue and discussed the future of steem with lots of beer and grilled fish and meat. I tried to help, taking care of the fire, but in the end I felt quite useless.


Still we had a lot of fun!



Later on, @dumar022 helped me out with the fish (I was too drunk at the time, to use my wings in a proper way) THX for helping me to bed later ;-)

how to make an owl smile with a grilled fish...

I hope his beautiful and charming wife does not mind... there was no bad intention!

THX for the nice stay!

I love you all!


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