1 - 3% of the total area of the European continent, Turkey is located at 97% of the Asian continent.


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2 - Istanbul is the only megaport with two continental land.

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3 - Turkey is the world leader in hazelnut production and export.

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4 - There are over 82,000 mosques in Turkey.

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5 - St. Antakya St. Peter's Church is considered one of the temples of Christianity.

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6 - Hatay's 14-kilometer Samandağ beach is the second longest beach in the world after Rio.

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7 - 7 Wonders of the Ancient World are located in two of them the borders of Turkey. (The Temple of Artemis and Halikarnas Mausoleum).

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8 - Turkish delight is known old desserts.

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9 - There are 12,000 plant species all over Europe. But there are 9,000 species in only Turkey.

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10 - The population of Istanbul city is more than the population of 131 countries.

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11 - In Turkey, 50.2% of the male population, while 49.8% are women.

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12 - In Turkey, pork became sell after 2001.

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13 - 13 works contained within the borders of Turkey is located in the UNESCO World Heritage List. (Historic Areas of Istanbul, Divriği Grand Mosque, Bogazkoy - Hittite Capital, Nemrut Mountain, Xanthos-Letoon, Safranbolu City, The ancient city of Troy, Edirne Selimiye Mosque, Catalhoyuk Neolithic City, Bergama Multilayered Cultural Landscape Area, Bursa and Cumalikizik village, Reprise National Park and Cappadocia, Hierapolis-Pamukkale).

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image link (Xanthos-Letoon)

image link (Safranbolu City)

image link (The ancient city of Troy)

image link (Edirne Selimiye Mosque)

image link (Catalhoyuk Neolithic City)

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image link (Bursa and Cumalikizik village)

image link (Reprise National Park and Cappadocia)

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