Hive Philippines Travel and Nature Photography #248 - by Allmonitors

#248 - Leaving the docks going to a tiny island 🏝️.

There is a small fishing boat used by the locals to go out to the sea to catch fish. It is currently off the water and parked in the shore line because they might not use it yet for some time.

It was pass seven in the morning already and the sun 😎 is up while there are few clouds formations in the skyline. A great sunny day is ahead of us.


So we left the shore with two locals who are the captain of the small boat rented which is part of the package paid to give us a tour in their 🏝️ island.

One of the man stands in the front of the boat at we start sailing.

My wife also sat in front so the guy standing earlier moved to the back for the time being so I can take photo of my wife as we are sailing.

Those two islands in the horizon are part of the tour we have. We are supposed to travel to three islands in the entire day for $100 including the boat ride and the meal for lunch. Not bad, I think it is already a good deal for us.


Here we are at the first island which they call Naked island because there is no trees at all and the size is also small. The island size is just about two to three basketball courts depending on the tide because the island could be submerged during high tides and only a small portion is revealed.

So upon arrival, we asked our guide to help us with the camera so we can have a photo or two. In the background are other tourists and their rented boats just on the shore.

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Shot taken in Siargao, Philippines.

Image/s were shot using Panasonic Lumix ZS110. ~rex