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I am back to travel life and wow has it been an exciting time. Not always easy, giving up convenience and 'routine' in favor of a life of adventure and unforeseen forks in the road.

And the moment my lady and I hit the road at the end of August we got reminded of just how much this travel life is different from the common mode of existence so prevalent in the west.

Plans are seldom more than a signpost, a rough guide as to what might be worth going for and trying... but really when it comes to actuality all you can do is flow. Get with what is.

Life has a funny way of turning out differently than one expected and the less hang on to old plans and ideas the more readily we can adopt new ones and adapt. Longterm plans that had grown over weeks, sometimes over months have been pulverized and laid to rest within a day and it is actually a blessing. New possibilities arise from it, new people show up out of nowhere and with them and with communication new doors open that were not even conceivable mere days or hours before.

What's that old line of a Bob Marley song? "When one door is closed don't you know, other is open"

And that's exactly right. Don't be sticky, accept and embrace change and trust that it will all turn out in your favor when you just go along with the flow of life and make decision consciously on the spot when a new situation materializes.

The Balkans have been really good to us. The Serbian people are among the friendliest we have met and now we find ourselves in Albania, waiting for a way to get to Montenegro again without jumping through pseudo-scientific hoops of the corona cult. We feel we are in a really good place to see where will take us next.

Still want to visit my brother in Montenegro and I have a feeling the universe will open doors. We tried getting in last week but got turned away at the borders for not wanting to go along with the measures, and so we will try again one of these days and see if we can find a way to make it work.

Albania is a really amazing place and we feel blessed to be on the road again without much trouble after our amazing time in Bulgaria. It's still summer here but we are already planning for winter. Not that plans mean anything, but they always help us get to the next fork in the road where we can make a new choice to come back into full resonance with what is.

Hope you're all well, I feel the time away from the internet, the charts and blogging has been a much deserved vacation. I will leave you with a picture from the Albanian mountains and a herd of goats on the road...



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Other picture taken by us on the road

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