Hello everyone again! I'm back.

Hello, it's been a long time since we met. How are you I'm fine. The last time I went, we were on the Steemit platform. I am currently writing to you on Hive.blog. A lot has changed, but I can say that I liked its way more.

I met Steemit in the second quarter of 2017, my interest in blockchain and cryptocurrencies introduced me to this platform. I worked with pleasure on a few projects and produced a few myself. These were very good times. I realized that I really miss the team and community spirit.

I had to leave for reasons beyond my control. I moved my house, lost my father, dropped out of school etc. I intend to address these in time and produce content with an excuse.

I came back a week ago and realized that everything has changed. It was a little difficult to get used to the Hive because Steemit got quite a few updates after I quit. I think I've learned enough.

Then let the projects come, sir. Keep following, greetings to everyone.

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