MOTU Collection purchase!

Store bought a massive Masters of the Universe collection yesterday and just starting to put some of it on the shelves. Here is a quick look at 2 of the rarest and most valuable figures in the collection.

These are the Giants, Megator and Tytus. Both are in reproduction boxes, but are 100% complete with authentic weapons and armor which is amazing. Plus their hair is in great condition...I know that sounds weird, but it's a big deal on these guys as some kids cut the hair or pulled it out.


This collection literally had 1 of every figure ever produced! Absolutely amazing. These are by far 2 of the hardest figures to find as they were never released in the United States. These are 2 of the biggest "Grail" items in the vintage toy collecting world and they are both sitting on a shelf in my store. Very excited to share more of this collection over the next few days.

Oh and that little guy up front in the photo, that is a standard size Masters Figure and gives a little perspective how huge the Giants are. The Hoard Trooper is also one of the harder to find figures in nice condition. The fact that he stands and holds together on his own makes this one pretty desirable.

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