Top Ten Everything 2018

What are your top ten everything, your favorite moments, memories, or anything, of 2018, this year? Let me know in the comments, below. Here are some of mine, as follows:

10. Finesse - Bruno Mars & Cardi B

They got it going on. This chick and the alleged son of Michael Jackson, mister Bruno Mars, dance and sing in this song, Finesse, published to YouTube on the 3rd of January, 2018. The set reminds me of that American 1990's television show, In Living Color, which featured Jim Carrey. I'm a sucker for the afro Bruno is sporting. Humanity has finesse when we stand up against control freak globalists. This song makes me dance in global revolutions. Bruno was born on the 8th of October, 1985, eight months after me. Cardi was born in 1992. Roseanne has it going on. Italy has it going on. Look at what is happening in Europe. People cry for more Finesse Revolution, globally.

09. I Can Only Imagine

This film is based on a true story on how the lead singer, Bart Millard, of the Mercy Me band, who wrote that song with the same name, I Can Only Imagine. As a boy, Bart's father was so abusive. Bart's mother ran away. He grew up trying to please his father. He got injured during football and was not able to play. He was forced to take a choir elective class in school. He became a star. He started a band. They went touring. They tried to get discovered by Scott Brickell who asked if he was running from something. He was running from his dad. So, he hopped onto his motorbike and went home. His dad was transformed partly thanks to his singing. His dad gets sick and he tries his best to help his dad. They fixed up a jeep. His dad eventually died. Bart reunited with his band and his high school GF whom he later marries. Amy Grant was going to go with Bart's new song but then told him to sing it. Bart was sitting in the crowd. That was his big break. That is when Mercy Me became bigger than ever before. 2018-04-11, Wed, 07:00 PM, Lacey, WA: a cinema: we saw it after a long day of gardening, me, mom, Larry. It had me in tears. Next day, saw Ready Player One.

08. Black Panther Needs You

This song might be better than Black Panther. This song, I Just Need You, from 2018-03-24, by Toby Mac, featuring black Jedi hermits, explosive cars, is the song that picks you up in a world of fake news. What is fake news? Most of the time, fake news is incomplete news. Most of the time, when you read something from control freak media, you are missing thousands of more important news stories and even information they fail to add to the news they do cover. Perspective helps when you are able to hear many sides of stories. Ask for help. We do better when we build our lives on top of eternal principles.

07. Bleed The Same

Black Lives Matter (BLM). Likewise, blue lives matter. Was in Vietnam, so believe me when I say yellow lives matter. In colleges, the control freaks tell us that white lives do not matter. Bernie Sanders says that white people don't know what it's like to be poor. Hey, I'm white and grew up poor in a ghetto. All lives do matter. United, we rise, divided, we fall. There are global revolutions happening and we all can be part of making history if we are not already making history. We make history mostly when we tell it. That is the secret. When we do not tell people history, then the control freaks will give our children their version of history which leads future generations down the wrong path. This song, Bleed The Same, from 2018-01-14, by Kirk Franklin, Toby Mac, and Mandisa, makes me smile. We bleed the same. So, why are we so divided? Are you left, right, up, down, red, blue, pointing fingers without following through? If we are going to fight, let us fight for each other.

06. Roseanne

Her show made big records on ABC. Roseanne returned in 2018 for tenth television season. ABC renewed Roseanne for an eleventh season. Roseanne wrote that an Obama person was a product of the Muslim Brotherhood and also Planet of the Apes. Valarie Jarrett does look like that. Look at her hair. Are people against the freedom of speech? Jarret is connected to the brotherhood. People compare Trump to apes. More people were watching Roseanne in 2018 than they do of most television shows in the past decade or longer.

05. Shaq Fu

The most dominate NBA basketball god is back in this video game, Shaq Fu, in 2018, and it is funny like Kung Fu Panda but with our favorite big man. I'm a gamer and a baller. When I was 9, I learned some karate. Speaking of martial arts, the karate kid is back. By the way, the original Shaq Fu game was released on 1994-10-28 for the Super Nintendo and the Sega Genesis.

04. Cobra Kai

I'm a fan of Bruce Lee, Jet Lee, Jacki Chan, Clint Eastwood, Angelina Jolie, John Wayne and especially Chuck Norris. Love powerful, independent souls. Cobra Kai, which premiered 2018-05-02 on YouTube Red, is a comedy drama web television sequel series of the American 1980's Karate Kid films. Watched it through Bit Torrent and Pirate Bay.

03. Ralph Breaks The Internet

Coming this Thanksgiving, 2018, November 21, you can see Wreck it Ralph in the Internet in the film. I'm excited because it is funny like the first movie where Ralph is interacting with video game characters. This time, you see him all over the Inter-Webs. The girl pops into the Disney Princesses Room and they ask her if a man solves all her problems. Yeah, so she must be a princess, too. They made it sound like a bad thing that men are men. I love girly women and the ladies do love manly men. Reminds me of that Muppets song. Am I a man or am I a Muppet? Maybe, I'm a very manly Muppet or a Muppet of a man. In his cartoon movie, the Internet appears as a big city. You see Twitter, Facebook, Google, Amazon, but no Steemit, no Info Wars, no Drudge Report, and that means this movie does not really show you the biggest parts of the Internet which means fake news.

02. Kanye West

We are drugged out. Kanye West likes Red Pill Black Candace Owens and Scott Adams. We can break out and make history when we believe that anything can happen. Fatalism keeps us in mind prisons.

01. Tommy Robinson

2018-05-25, Friday, Tommy Robinson, #FreeTommy, was arrested, indirectly sentenced, and then imprisoned for 13th months, all on that same day. Millions of people around the world are protesting, marching, in rallies, in England, America, Canada, Australia, all over Europe, in many countries on this earth. The judge placed a reporting ban on Tommy's arrest meaning it would illegal to talk about Tommy. Thousands of websites took down their articles on Tommy. The good news is that Info Wars, @Cernovich, @Stefan.Molyneux, and other independent news broke the story of Tommy. But Tommy is not the only person ht goes to jail for talking about how bad people rape and murder children in many countries around the world. Tommy was only live streaming near a court when he was arrested. Tommy was making a video. He had friends near him. In only about 4 hours, Tommy was arrested, tried, and imprisoned, even as murderers don't even go to court in most cases until many years later. 1984 is here. We have to fight back or else.

Top Ten Everything 2018

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