Top Ten Everything 2015

What are your top ten everything of 2015, your favorite moments, memories, or anything, of that year? Let me know in the comments, below. Here are some of mine, as follows:

10. Fight Song

This Rachel Platten inspires us to be stronger like Kanye West. Fight returns when I'm playing piano, guitar, while singing, and especially when I'm dancing. Puppies and kittens can wake us up in the morning like a beautiful sunset over a cup of Scott Adams coffee. We can all drink to that at the same time, a simultaneous drink. We can get lost in the beat if we choose which battle hills to die on. Fifth Harmony is totally worth it like the Spice Girls. Speaking of priceless, Rihanna, Kanye West, and the lead singer of the Beatles, sang Four Five Seconds.

09. Return of the Star Wars

First, the Star Wars Battle Front games, which premiered in 2004, are fun because it is a shooting game set in the Star Wars universe. Very exciting. Second, the film, Star Wars Force Awakens, was pretty interesting. Saw it in a theater in Saigon with a friend, Mark. That is his English name. Met Mark at the 23/9 Park where Vietnamese go to practice English. Was at the park teaching English over five hours a day for many months in 2015. It took a lot of force to do that. Star Wars is a very exciting universe for sure. Another great video game was Metal Gear, Phantom Pain. Big fan of Naked Snake and his back story which reminds me of Assassin' Creed.

08. Out of the Woods

This is a great question as seen in this Taylor Swift song, are we out of the woods which can be seen in Once Upon a Time? Being in the woods is a metaphor for being in battles in life, especially relational conflicts. But no pain, no gain. If it aint worth fighting for, it aint worth keeping.

07. Bad Blood

Accountability requires illumination, as seen in this Taylor Swift song from her 1989 album. Sometimes, you must know thy Soros enemy. Sometimes, we have to attack the Rothschild Trojan Horse Weeds found in our own lives and found in global history and especially in phone cancer and the #FreeTommy war. This Bad Blood song reminds me of Bad Romance by Lady Gaga which is the source of Bad Blood in most cases. When we encourage Bad Romance, we create Bad Blood.

06. What Do You Mean?

This Justin Bieber song asks a philosophical question about what you mean, what it means, as that is the art of the deal of the @Stefan.Molyneux argument. We can all ask more questions in life like William Shakespeare says, the world is our stage. Life is full of irony. Great to get to the bottom of it all. Dance and become a Curious George. Become a Bob Obama Yes We Can Builder.

05. Mortal Kombat X

This video game franchise premiered in 1992 in Chicago. Love the films. Cooler than Street Fighter. Bloodier than Tekken. Out of these three video game fighting franchises, Mortal Kombat is my favorite because of the fatalities. Love the narrator saying, "Finish Him." Oh, finish her, too. Like Red Necks say, "Get her done." More importantly, love the story of how other realms are out there trying to take over earth, like we see in Assassin's Creed with the #InformationWar control freak, globalist, Templar knights. Beyond that, love the Mortal Kombat theme song. Made a parody video of it once.

04. Jon Snow Dies

First, a piano falls on Charlie Sheen in the television series finale of Two And a Half Men. Secondly, Empire premiered. In Game of Thrones, Jon Snow is betrayed, and stabbed to death like the lion in Narnia. Oh, spoiler alert. Oh, too late.

03. Jurassic World

Rocky returned in Creed. The Peanut comics had a film. For all the Twilight fans, there was Fifty Shades of Grey, which encourages us to not talk about Tommy Robinson. Mission Impossible returned in Rogue Nation. We have heard of Honey I Shrunk the Kids, but get ready to shrink the super hero in Ant Man. The 2018 sequel includes the wasp woman. Star Wars is cool. The Jurassic World film is pretty cool. Big fan of dinosaurs. I can do a pretty good Evil Barney impersonation.

02. Super Mario Maker

This 2015 game is like a sequel to Mario Paint which premiered in 1992. Since 1995, like my GF, Sim City, was often on my mind. Love to design, draw, create. In Sim City, you build towns and manage them as the mayor. In Mario Paint, you draw, kill flies, and write music soundtracks using Mario Bros sound bytes. In Mario Maker, you build levels that you can play. So, kind of like Minecraft, which premiered in 2011, but with a Mario theme. How many different levels can you make? According to a Video Game Theory by Mat Pat, many trillions. In the video, he describes the math in finding that out. Reminds me of that television show from the 1990's, Square One. Mat Pat say there are more level possibilities than there are particles in the known universe.

01. Inside-Out

What is inside you comes out from the inside-out and this animated Disney Pixar film paints that picture, the inner working of humanity, unlike robots. Our uniqueness accelerates beyond animals. I'm Oatmeal. Winnie the Pooh could find me honey. ASAP.

Top Ten Everything 2015

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