Top Ten Everything 2014

What are your top ten everything of 2014, your favorite moments, memories, or anything, of that year? Let me know in the comments, below. Here are some of mine, as follows:

10. Hide Away

Keisza, is a great singer, dancer, as seen in this music video that appears to be just one straight continuous shot where the camera follows her as she walks and dances around the streets and sidewalks and everything. This Hideaway song talks about the danger in emotionalism which destroys relationships. If you do not have an eternal foundation as the root between you and your soul mate, then you will be misaligned from destiny. Brazil is seeking revolutions. Pitbull & Jennifer Lopez sung We Are One. Shakira sung La La La for the World Cup which was in Brazil in 2014. Katy Perry - This Is How We Do. Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake - Love Never Felt This Good. Shakira, Rihanna - Can't Remember to Forget You. Far Cry 4 was a cool video game.

09. Break Free

Ariana Grande hates America. She said it. Great. Break free and leave America if you hate it so much. You can find her quotes. Many celebrities said they were going to leave the United States of America (USA) if Trump became President. Well, Trump is President as of 2017. But they are still in America. Well, Ariana is right, it is better in life when we break out of toxic relationships and when we do our best to forget good to focus on better in our work and in our relationships and in the food we eat and in the choices we make.

08. Star Wars Rebels

How I Met Your Mother Finale made me cry. Controversial for sure. Heart breaking, regardless. Didn't watch the whole series until October & November of 2017. The Crazy Ones starred Buffy the Vampire Sarah Michelle Gellar as the daughter and Robin Williams as the father, at an advertisement firm. Star Wars Rebels takes place a few years before the first Star Wars film, A New Hope. Big fan of that and of the other animated television series, The Clone Wars, which also features Maul and Ahsoka.

07. Word Crime

Weird Al - Word Crime - this music video parody was funny to me, a freelance American English Teacher in Vietnam that year, from 2012-2017, and the song is just brilliant and creative. Big fan of Al since about 1995. We all can make memes and parodies like Al. Better than Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). In other words, AL > AI. As in, AL over AI.

06. Edge of Tomorrow

Some of my favorite 2014 films include Expendables 3, The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot film where they are giant turtles, almost as cute as the 90's film version. Equalizer stars Denzel Washington and reminds me of the Taken franchise. Learn a trade and use it responsibly. We live in an #InformationWar world where we all can be Denzel Washington and Kenobi and Alex Jones and Trump and we can #FreeTommy and we can be #PewDiePie and we can do so much when we red pill people creatively. 300: Rise of the Empire. Guardians of the Galaxy. Interstellar. My favorite 2014 film might be Edge of Tomorrow which stars Tom Cruz as we all live in a Ground Hog Looper. We repeat the same day in a way when we see a pattern form in people and in relationships and in pop culture and world history. So, we have to find the girl if we are Tom Cruz.

05. Maleficent

Angelina Jolie (AJ) is not Alex Jones (AJ) but is the other A.J. Oh, Alex Jones was born 11 years before me, Joey Arnold, on my birthday, 1974-02-11, that is the eleventh of February, and Angelina, the next year, 1975-06-04, and me, 1985-02-11. So, in this Disney live-action movie, Maleficent, Angelina plays the evil witch (Maleficent) that cursed Sleepy Beauty. But, maybe, Maleficent is not the bad guy and maybe Alex is not the bad guy. Maybe, there is more to the AJ story than what meets the eye like Transformers and Pew Die Pie.

04. Lucy

Scarlett Johansson, Morgan Freeman - Lucy - in this film, Scarlett plays Lucy, and, spoiler alert, something gets into Lucy which got her to use not only ten percent but one hundred percent of her brain. 5G will make us use one percent or less. Lucy was able to travel through time and was able to move things with her mind and she became the Star Trek Q. She became like a god. The film makes me wonder what is possible in real-life. One of my students introduced me to the film. Big fan of the beautiful Scarlett. Her nose, wow.

03. Gotham

This Fox television show tells the back story to how Bruce Wayne becomes Batman, plus all about the other characters as well, especially Gordon and Penguin. Also watch Waking Dead, Dexter, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Criminal Minds, Castle, Bones, Suits, to name a few. But really love Gotham.

02. The LEGO Movie

The sequel is set for 2019. Is everything awesome? There is some truth in that. Big cities are dangerous. But it is great to work together. This animated LEGO film is very funny. So funny, they ended up making a film about LEGO Batman. This film is very fun. Made me laugh so much. The Everything is Awesome song might be implying communism at a subliminal level. Reminds me of the subliminal message in a Bart Nsync Simpsons episode where they recruited people to join the Navy by saying Navy backwards, "E-Van-eht-noij" which is "Join the Navy" forward. Life is full of subliminal messages. Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, YouTube, TV, education, Big Pharma, and others are using subliminal messages and phone cancer and more on you and on me each day. We are dying when we do not talk about that and about #FreeTommy and more.

01. Girl Meets World: 2014-2017

This television show was the sequel to Boy Meets World. Corey returns as the teacher for her daughter, Riley, and her friends. Shawn returns to become the dad to Riley's best friend, Maya. Shawn's dead dad appears to encourage Shawn to get Maya's mother. Corey teaches them many great life lessons. Disney cancels all the great shows, including Roseanne, Last Man Standing, Girl Meets World, and probably more. Those three shows just so happen to be maybe too independent in thought. Disney is attacking free speech and more.

Top Ten Everything 2014

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