Top Ten Everything 2018

Many great things have been coming back this year (2018), like the Karate Kid, the Rocket Man, the economy, Roseanne, Kanye West. Tommy Robinson was locked up for talking about the murder of children. Yes, it is a crime to talk about crime. If you talk about history, your television show will be canceled. Get some Phone Cancer. Italy is trying to escape the jaws of the EU, just like England and others. #FreeTommyRobinson

Nationalism and populism is rising in many countries around the world in 2018. Millions of people are being Red Pilled each day in so many nations, globally, historically.

What are your top ten anything and everything of 2018, your favorite moments, memories, or anything, of that year? Let me know in the comments, below. Here are some of mine, as follows:

10. CHVRCHES - Miracle

This song is all about looking for angels in the darkest of clouds. Aint that the Honey to our Oatmeal Life? We can go through these clouds towards rainbows, but there is only one way there. We must be rooted in eternal principles which we are destined for. The answer to this Miracle song is the I Just Need You song by Toby Mac. I prefer Toby Mac over most other musicians. Here is another great song: Mandisa - Bleed The Same ft. Toby Mac, Kirk Franklin.

09. Kevin Durant over Lebron James

Who would you rather have on your NBA basketball court in the fourth quarter, near the end of the game? Historically, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant would hit game winning shots, like Reggie Miller. Too often, James would not be there when his team would need him most. I'm starting to play more basketball this year. You have to want it to really win it like Damon Stoudamire, number 3, of the Toronto Raptors and of my Portland Trail Blazers. I'm about two inches shorter than Damon, assuming Damon is about 5 feet, 10 inches (5'10"). This means I relate to Damon. I mirrored my game after him. Attitude is key. Follow through is fundamental. I've been balling since I was about seven.

08. Karate Kid Returns

Cobra Kai is the sequel to the Karate Kid movies of the 80's. You can download it for free, maybe, through Bit Torrent software through websites like PirateBay. The future has involved technology such as Bit Coin and Bit Torrent and Block Chain. So, Cobra Kai, like Star Wars The Force Awakens, introduces you to the next generation. This television series is pretty cleaver, creative, funny, exciting, and surprising.

07. Global Revolutions

Lauren Southern has a documentary on South Africa where they murder people. Italy is trying to leave the EU. England is still trying to leave the EU. The leaders of North and South Korea met in 2018, thanks to Trump. Kanye West likes Trump. Populism is spreading. Winning! Free thought is spreading.

06. Red Dead Redemption 2

This is set in 1899 and is a prequel to Red Dead Redemption 1. It is set in the Wild West. The world is better with small towns like they had in the Wild West, in Texas, in Western America in general. We are returning to those days now. Some of my other favorite 2013 video games include Soul Calibur 6, Unbox - Newbie's Adventure (Like Paper Boy without the boy), and Shaq Fu.

05. Krypton

A prequel television series to Superman set 200 years before the birth of Clark Kent on that planet with the same name, Krypton. So, I'm a sucker to genealogies, world history, legends, nursery rhymes, and back stories. Other favorite 2018 television shows include Roseanne, Star Wars Rebels, The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead (featuring Morgan from TWD), Suits, X-Files, Scorpion, The Alex Jones Show, Louder With Crowder, The War Room, The David Knight Real News Show, Lionel Nation Media Show, The @Cernovich Show, The Mark Dice Show, The Scott Adams Show, The Owen Benjamin Show, The Tommy Robinson Show, The @Stefan.Molyneux Free Domain Radio Show, The Candace Owens Red Pill Back Kanye West Show, The Info Wars Show, The Drudge Report Show, The Paul Joseph Watson (PJW) Show, The Trump Make America Great Again (MAGA) Show, The Joey Arnold Oatmeal (OJA or OJAWALL) Show. Wow. #FreeTommy

04. Christopher Robin

A live-action Winnie The Pooh movie starring Disney's Star War's Obi Won Kenobi, I mean, Ewan McGregor, as Christopher Robin, and the other stuff animals. Sadly, he grows up. Luckily, they find him. Kenobi had a master who said, "I will find you and I will kill you." But these soft things won't hurt a fly or so they say. Bring in the Mist. Some of my other favorite 2018 movies include Jurassic World 2, Venom, Ant-Man and the Wasp, Star Wars Solo (sex with robots), Aquaman, Rampage (with the Rock), Mission Impossible - Fallout, Ready Player One, A Wrinkle in Time, I Can Only Imagine (which we saw), Isle of Dogs, Ralph Breaks The Internet (which I love), Mary Poppins Returns, Tomb Raider (but Angelina Jolie was better), Won't You Be My Neighbor? (Mister Fred Roger's Neighborhood documentary movie).

03. Owen Benjamin

The Tommy Robinson Song to the tune of Hallelujah. How They Rule You Song. A secret court to get you if you talk about children rape murder in many countries around the world. Control Freak media is blacklisted from mentioning Trafficking.

02. Banning Memes

They are trying to Ban Memes, legally, through some new laws, regulations, copyrights, in Europe, through the illegal EU and the control freaks have been working on this for many years. They are banning away our guns and our free speech and our thoughts too. Technology is getting into our brains like the Matrix and the Minority Report and much more. We must do what we can each day as they are killing us in so many different ways through the television and with the help of Big Pharma and at school and with the help of Soros News.

01. Killing Uncle Sam

Control freak globalists are killing us when we are sleeping, when we are not red pilling people, when we are not planting and eating from our own gardens, when we are not hand sharing the news to each other, when we are not making memes, videos, articles, photos, websites, links, GIFs, posts, comments, emails, offline things, and more. There are global #FreeTommy Revolutions in many countries around the world as we break out of Kanye West Mind Prisons, Hope Over Dope. Get Joy Over Circumstances.

Top Ten Everything 2018

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