Top Social Ghettos

Yahoo& AOLChat Rooms were growing back in 1999, globally. Remember the little girls with 50 year old beards? They asked for your home address? Oh, what, they weren't really who they said they were? They were really part of the trafficking swamp, the fake news. Was pretty new to Internet and computers back then in '99 as a fourteen year old Oregonian. Been here in this global Web Tribe ever since '98 or '99 or something like that. Wow, started using Internet, more so, twenty years ago. Wow, that makes me feel a little old. Sad Emoticon :( haha. I'm alright because I'm still rolling on.

Was blogging with Xangain 2004 and then used PictureTrail& MySpaceuntil Facebookrose, mysteriously, allegedly, or so it seems, in 2006, back when I was still in college in West Virginia. Wow, and even that was twelve years ago.

Top Social Ghettos

  1. Facebookis the Faceof your book?
  2. YouTubeis the Youof your tube?
  3. Twitteris the Gabof your Tweet?
  4. Linkedinis the Heartof your career?
  5. Periscopeis the Dliveof your television?
  6. Ancestryis the Tree of your Dynasty?
  7. Google is the Gaggle of our Minds?

Are these the biggest social networks as of 2017, so far, currently?
What did I miss?

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We're a small retail store but with big discounts. We buy/sell new/used musical instruments of all types. Come see us today or we can't save you any money. Haha, but seriously, what are you waiting for? Call us to negotiate prices. We do consignments. We have a Luthier's Corner.

Check out our community/bulletin board at our store: got a classified ad you want to post here: call us: come here to socialize & network with music lovers of all shapes, sizes, ages, genders, color, regardless of whether you're a beginner or a professional: students, teachers, crazy people, normal people, shop owners, fans, hippies, & even nerds, too, haha. Find your next gig here.


We may or may not buy/sell any or all of the following: new/used musical instruments, accessories, tools, products, items: subject to availability: limited while supplies last: call or email us to find out what we may or may not have:

Accessories: bags, bows, cables, cases, cords, lamps, lights, parts, picks, stands, sticks, straps, strings, tuners, amps: amplifiers.

Band instruments: trumpets, violins. Brass instruments.
Drums: drum sets, drum sticks.
Guitars: acoustic guitars, bass guitars, electric guitars, strings, tuners.
Keyboards: pianos.
Microphones: normal mics, wireless (cordless) mics.
Percussion instruments.
Pianos: keyboards, pianos; keyboard benches, chairs.
Sheet music: music paper, sheet music.
Speakers: big speakers, small speakers.
String instruments: banjos, guitars, harps, ukuleles, violins.
Violins, bass violins, normal violins.
Wind instruments: harmonicas.
And maybe more.

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You wanna know stuff about me, huh? Haha, I'm the Original Oatmeal Joey Arnold Rasp Morehead Hockings Pickett Pickell Henderson Cunningham Hunter Mitchell of Oregon, Amsterdam, Germany, England, Scotland, Vietnam, Canada, California, Washington State; the Jo Joe JoJo Joseph Scott Cool Kid Ghetto Montana Icebreaker Mother Goose Harry Potter Austin Powers Billy Breaker Blue Power Ranger, and I'm the OATMEAL because you are what you eat and the meaning to life is love through justice and especially grace and oatmeal is my daily bread.

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Deep state is trying to take away our freedoms, our free speech, and more. Join this second global revolution, share the links, videos, articles, for the sake of our children and future, before it is too late. Thanks. With oatmeal in my bowl, is Jesus in your soul? No pain, no gain: no oatmeal, no honey. No struggle, no funny, hehe.

Let me know what you think.

Taught myself more code today.

Specifically, has been using some CSS and/or HTML and/or markdown code and/or am not too sure. But how do you center align text, photos, paragraphs, in this website, for example? And better yet, how do you break from that alignment to go back to left aligned text? I think I found the code for that as seen in this post right here, above. And I will show you what I have right here right now. Please correct me if I'm mistaken with the details here.

Code For Code

Create a code box that is shaded grey or gray with `` and text = text
Code Box

Center Code

You can center align headers, text, paragraphs with <center> and close it with </center> or in other words, all together: <center>text</center>

Center Break

Code for centering paragraphs and for breaking that, for stopping that. This is what I needed today. After finding the code that worked here on today, I've decided to share it here as follows:
<center><p> TEXT </p></center>

I did not see this code mentioned on Steemit or in other places, not saying that it is not out there, but I experimented and tried different things I found on Steemit and other websites and those things did not work, and long story short, this does work.

Some of the details here may be inaccurate and you can let me know of errors and code can change and different websites may use different code languages like HTML and/or HTML5 and/or Java Script and/or CSS and/or Python and/or others and the codes mentioned here are basically HTML code as far as I know.

Center Stop Code Again

If you're confused, here is more on the last code: here it is again:

<center><p> Paragraph 1, Paragraph 2</p></center>

Example As Follows:

The <center><p> code centers your text & </p></center> resumes right-alignment: in other words, after you close it </p></center>, then text after that will be right aligned.

Part One

<center><p> Paragraph 1, Paragraph 2, etc...
<center><p> code centers your text

Part Two: close it:

</p></center> resumes right-alignment: in other words, after you close it </p></center>, then text after that will be right aligned.

Example of Part One:

<center><p> Paragraph 1, Paragraph 2, etc...
<center><p> code centers your text
Paragraph 1.

Paragraph 2.

Paragraph 3.

Example of Part Two:

</p></center> resumes right-alignment: in other words, after you close it </p></center>, then text after that will be right aligned.

Now, the text is right aligned again.

3 columns
2 columns
1 column