#TopHivers Initiative


Hello Hivers! I hope you all are doing well and staying safe out there. During my absence, I have a nice team in place for curation and want to keep the initiatives consistent through thick and thin.

The next initiative is called #TopHivers and the idea is that Hivers promote their favorite content creators so they can have a chance to receive a 100% upvote from me on one of their posts

There will up to ten posts that will be upvoted at 100%, this initiative will be running until July 4. The best recommendation posts will also be eligible for an upvote from 20 to 30%, but the main idea of this exercise is to help others. There will be more upvotes in lesser amounts to active participants and #tophivers recommended by the community.

Some notes:

  • Your #TopHivers should have active posts, the more the better.
  • If they are not actively sharing their content on Twitter please invite them to do it.
  • Let’s focus on newer content creators or creators who have been left out by big curators.
  • Obviously you cannot recommend yourself or an alt account.

To participate:

  • Write a full original post with your #TopHivers recommendations and post it to Twitter. Please recommend only three to five Hivers.
  • In your tweet use the hashtags #hive and #TopHivers.
  • On your post use the tag #tophivers + any related tag.

Earn extra rewards by making a video about your #TopHivers, @threespeak will be giving out votes too.

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