Too Many Cooks Vs. Don't Hug Me

Childhood Nightmares Are Made of This?

If you haven't seen these two series, then please watch them first. I've included these two series here in the videos below at the bottom of this post. I've included bonus videos too, including reaction videos, film theories, and parodies. You can click on the videos to go to their YouTube channels for more of their stuff.

Here is a video from Wise Crack about these two series. They both play on us on a psychological level. Too Many Cooks starts out with, spoiler alerts, an introduction to a very big family to a tune of a nice situation comedy (sitcom) theme song that goes on and on my friend like that song that never ends from Lamb Chop Play-Along which reminds me of Mickey Mouse and the Disney Sing-Along songs that had me hooked since maybe my birth in Oregon in 1985. I'm a big fan of sitcoms and comedy and Disney and everything. But then you see there is this strange hairy man with like an ax and he starts murdering the Cooks which is like murdering our childhood.

In the seven episodes (so far) of Don't Hug Me, you see Sesame Street like cartoons, stop-motion animation, characters, and they do normal children show things like education promotion for the kids watching to help kids learn to read, count, and stuff, but then terrible things start to happen, like some kind of scary dream that would even leave Freud scared at night. It turns into like a Dexter Morgan blood bath.

What do you think?

Comparison War

2018-03-17 Saturday 11:04 AM LMS: Too Many Cooks Vs. Don't Hug Me

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Too Many Cooks

Don't Hug Me

-- Bonus Videos Below --

Too Many Cooks - Bonus Videos

Don't Hug Me - Bonus Videos


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