Favorite 2000 - 2009 Movies

2000: Cast Away starred Tom Hanks & volleyball Wilson. They got lost on an island. My dad fell asleep. All 6 of us were there as an Arnold Island Rasp Morehead family watching this legendary film.

2001: Lara Croft Tomb Raider starred Angelina Jolie whom I prefer over the 2018 version: & it stars her real father too, Jon Voight. Me & Rick saw this Tom Boober with Jim Woof Williams summer 2001. Jim died 2008.

2002: A Walk To Remember starred Mandy Moore whom sang Cry & this came before Tiffany Cumbo died 2003-04-05 and the story is so sad and so romantic and beautiful and it makes Joey Arnold Oatmeal cry.

2003: Lord Of The Rings Return Of The King blew me away that Christmas 2003 after watching the first 2 movies that summer at the house of Matt Dooney & the Westberry family. It fills me with hope & courage.

2004: The Incredibles: I saw a boot leg version with Chris Zuagg in New Jersey about an hour before 2005 after we were in NYC but left & went to NJ before 12 AM and celebrated the new year at the house of Joy.

2005: Star Wars Revenge of the Sith: love the fight between Vader & Kenobi: was very excited to see the battle in space at the beginning & also Yoda and the Emperor. Saw this secretly around May maybe. As a student at WOLBI NY, we were not allowed to see movies in the theater but I think I went to a theater & watched it at that time. I probably saw it many times.

2006: Matrix trilogy in South Carolina during Thanksgiving: didn't see Matrix until 2006 when I was at Jasper Swanley's house. How do I spell his surname? He was friends with Sawyer Frye at our college, ABC.

2007: Pirates of the Caribbeans 3: At World's End: saw this that summer with Mike Kurtz, Megan McQuade, & other Kuratli staff friends. We probably saw a few other movies too the summers of 2007 and 2008.

2008: Wall-E: saw this with Mike Kurtz, maybe Janet Bailey, & others too: in 2008, also saw the Dark Knight, Rambo 2008 with Lincoln Hawk in Hawaii for my birthday, Valkyrie, & Hancock.

2009: Coraline: saw this in PDX with Matt Smith whom stole thousands of dollars from me. He was homeless & said he would pay me back but hasn't as of 2017. This animation movie is scary but amazing.
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