To Kill Mockingbird - Truth Or Bust With Mike Mullens (An SMG Production)

The Steinbart Media Group was there for Q-Rilla when very few people could or would be.


While so many acknowledge that we are participating in an information war, not too many are willing to acknowledge the reality of the battlefield that exists here in our country. America has long been conditioned by Mockingbird to believe that war is something that only happens elsewhere.

Many of us who have chosen truth as a mission realize the potential consequences of being successful at truthing. We have watched those who came before us forcing dangerous truths to light meet their demises. Hiding in plain sight warnings to those of us considering advancing the cause. My personal efforts against Mockingbird in Denver led to the kind of success that put me on lists. Blessedly, I have associates that were able to warn me of the pending danger so I was forced to hurriedly hit the road in a tactical withdrawal.

The Steinbart Media Group decided a truther on the run deserved to be heard.

The Truth Or Bust team is a family of regular guy and regular girl truthers who are tired of being attacked by The Enemy of the People and went on the offensive. The first Truth or Bust mission was our Austin Steinbart investigation. Pharisee Mockingbird cost us friends, family, and our truthing allies when we went public there. Our Austin Steinbart investigation not only led us to truth it led us to new family. The entire Steinbart Media Group is now our family. We have been welcomed in and felt the love that so many of the truthers associated with these efforts are feeling. Family.

Family, and most blessedly teammates. The love we all have for each other is also seasoned with the intensity of this war we know we must win. Mockingbird has killed people and they have tried to kill me. The kindness The Steinbart Media Group extended to us in our time of need has provided us a voice at a time when it is needed most. We at Truth or Bust will do everything in our power to expose and neuter the Mockingbirds in all sectors of this information war. We will be on offense against the very apparatus that has cost so many of us so much while we do this work. While we fight this war.

We have big plans scheduled for this vehicle.

We have been in the streets against Mockingbird.

We know their limited tactics and strategies.

Truth Or Bust has arrived safely and we are so glad to have you as family.

They really should have killed us last week.

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