Being A Freak Gives You Special Advantages In Life #TIL


I'm a freak and I have an edge over normal people.

I've always known this about myself. I'm not your definition of a freak, I'm my own special kind, which defies all pre-existing definitions. Most people think female freaks are only defined by their weird or overt sexuality. That's a really shallow definition. That's not my definition. Everyone has a sexuality. It doesn't define you as a person. If I had to choose a description of my freakdom, I would say that I'm a surrealist futurist.

So, how have I benefitted from being a freak?

Firstly, I was chosen to play a character named Dorsle Bunn in a stop animation sci-fi film called Dungeon. Here's a preview:

Here's how I got the role: I made friends with a man who owned an antique store. I liked his store because it had a lot of weird stuff in it. Him and I became friends due to our taste in weird things. One day, he took me over to meet one of his friends, Neil Mclean, whom I learned was a music video director who has made videos for Ladytron, The Coral, etc. My friend Fred showed me the preview and I lost my shit. It was the coolest sci-fi film I'd ever seen! And science fiction is my favorite genre. I wrote Neil a very frantic email, expressing my insane feelings of like for his movie. It was not a "cool" message I sent him. It was definitely not professional. It was manic.

I literally told Neil that I would chomp on chipmunk skin in order to be involved with his movie. He offered me the role of Dorsle Bunn right away after receiving my email.

Here's me in the wig I sculpted for my role:

Enlight1 (42).jpg

I don't know how far Neil is from completing Dungeon. I know he moved to LA and is one of the most talented artists I know. I wish I could have stayed in Cali to help him finish his movie, but I had to move away...

Here's another thing I achieved by being a freak. I landed on the cover of San Diego CityBeat:


How did this happen?

For half a year I lived as The Patron Saint of Postcards. Why did I do this? It's simple: I felt the desire to do it. It was the most spectacular year of my life on planet earth. I used up my 401K to live out this particular fantasy. I'd do it all again if given the chance. So, I was going around San Diego every day as the Patron Saint of Postcards, mostly giving away my hand-made postcards to people who wanted them. It was so fun! An artist's dream come true.

One night, I went into a bar called The Pink Elephant and began to give away my postcards to random people, and a San Diego CityBeat writer named Enrique saw me. It was like a moth to a candle flame. He began asking me all sorts of questions, and I gave him permission to write an article about me. Here we are:


You can read it here. After his article came out, he shared info about me with the Editor of CityBeat and then several more articles were written, one of which featured me on the cover.

It's easier to be a freak and get breaks in California though. People appreciate weirdness more there than here in the Midwest.

This is just a very small sampling of how being authentically weird has given me rare opportunities. I need to write a Part 2. Just a few years ago I became fixated with monobrows and started going out in public with one drawn on.

I have no idea why, it was just something that interested me at the time. I also had a weird fixation with mullets that all started when I bought a mullet air freshener for my car. When I tried to get more of them, I realized they had stopped making them, which made me sad as I had already become obsessed with that particular mullet air freshener by then. I started adding myself into the mullet air freshener by that point, and adding a monobrow:


I don't have a mullet, but I seriously considered getting one at the time. I did a series of self-portraits with mullet wigs.....and by the way, the photo below is the scariest mullet self-portrait I've ever done. I'm the original creator of the Ugly Selfie. You won't be able to un-see it:


I didn't use photoshop. I use a roll-eye technique to achieve the creepy eyes. In low light, roll your eyes around at very fast pace. Take a photo and you'll get the creepiest eye effects ever.

Well, that's all for today.

If your autovote bot needs to add another writer, add me.

Also, tell all your whale friends to put me back on their bot lists. I'm a full-time Steemit creator, having quit all my other jobs. I don't want to work as a writer for CoinTelegraph (I tried, and they accepted my article, but said that I cannot publish the same article in both places. LAME.)

The truth is, I got addicted to Steemit and found myself uninterested in other kinds of work for obvious reasons. Having control over my copyright was the primary reason. I write at least one article per day, and you never know what you'll get from me. (SURPRISES). I have only released a small fraction of my abilities onto Steemit, as my creativity extends in many directions: art, technology, tips, insanity and more! I even created a Steemit children's story that I published on here, but which did not get a lot of exposure. I'm thinking of getting it published on Amazon. Here's the Steemit children's story: @stellabelle/minnow-and-data-a-steemit-tale-part-1

I'm thinking of more income opportunities, and I am considering writing a book titled, Steemit Addict. In it I'd include a Steemit Quickstart guide for people who don't want to read the Whitepaper. I was also considering working on producing an infographic called, Steemit's Whitepaper For Dummies.


All photos by me. Neil Mclean created the Dungeon video.

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