Useless information #23 – Strong coffee, anyone?

Coffee: Waking people up since...

The struggle to wake up and face the world!
Some just want a coffee to feel better.

Others really need one to start the day

Coffee is made of Coffea seeds. There are several Coffea species but the most used is Coffea arabica.

However, caffeine is what matters and that can be found in many many plant species.
Did you know the Ilex guayusa has the bigger caffeine percentage (dry) of all plants?

That's right. An infusion of its leaves can have the same amount of caffeine as five regular coffees.

A little too strong, I'd say!

The men of remote tribes of Equador and Peru still drink it.

Brave men!

I mean... then they have to throw up a part of it to avoid the caffeine overdose symptoms.
Still brave men!

See you tomorrow for more “Useless information”

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