Throwback Thursday - 2015 Saigon


When you make time for people, stars align. Things are so magical and so much better when you are there for them when they need you most. Life is so magical like Oatmeal in my bowl, are you in control?

Here is my entry to #ThrowbackThursday and this photo is from 2015-01-05 near my apartment at Old Ink Tattoos on Pham Ngu Lao Street, Q1, HCM, District 1 of Saigon City. I miss Vietnam. I miss the people. But it was not all for nothing. . .

Throwback Thursday - 2015 Saigon -

2018-04-05 Thu 8:50 PM LMS 2015-01-05 OI Beer HCM Throwback -
By Oatmeal Joey Arnold L4OJ JA OJA -

This girl was probably about 20 years old in this photo, is a Vietnamese, was in college studying acting. I recorded one of her rehearsals with her fellow actors or something.

It was all in Vietnamese and was not too sure what was going on that one day. But it is still, however, always good to make connections, to network with others, to develop relationships with people, and you will never know why or how it will work out until many years later but things do work out eventually, believe me. Life is amazing and all for the better. Stick with it. Keep up the good work. Remember, you can call me Joey.

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