Introducing ThiagoRe

Introducing ThiagoRe [Thiago Rewards]

ThiagoRe is a blockchain-based social media platform for Bitcoin, EOS & Hive content.

Our tokenized blogging app allows creators and users to engage and share content on the blockchain while earning THIAGO tokens through a decentralized UPvote economy.

ThiagoRe uses a duo token system

  • Thiago: It’s a token dedicated to incentivize content creation and curation. It’s a tradable token that may be transferred anywhere at any time. Thiago can be converted to Thiago Power in a process called PowerUp (staking).
  • Thiago Power: It’s a voting token that leverages the wisdom of the crowd to assess the value of content and distribute tokens to it. It’s an influence token which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.

When combined, both token features contribute to make ThiagoRe a platform designed to empower humans through a consensus mechanism we called h-PoW (human Proof-of-Work), emphasizing the human work required to distribute tokens to a community of participants. humain-PoW consensus leverages Hive and Hive-Engine to encourage contributors to add value to the community through a build-in rewards structure.

Thiago token

It’s an utility token for the creators economy, specifically everyone creating or curating public online content for the greater Bitcoin, EOS and Hive ecosystems. ThiagoRe also supports content related to tourism and the environment.

Thiago Utility

  • Content Rewards
  • Staking Rewards
  • Post Promotion
  • Learn & Earn Program
  • Community governance.

Content Rewards

ThiagoRe rewards both content creators and content curators. Users who produce content are adding value to the platform. Users who take time to evaluate and vote on content also play a role in rewards distribution. The Blockchain rewards both based on the collective wisdom of the crowd collected through a stake-weighted voting system (Thiago Power Upvote).

Thiago Power to allocate rewards

Hive blockchain operates on the basis of one Hive/one Vote. ThiagoRe will use this model to allocate Rewards to individuals who contribute to the platform. ThiagoRe only allows contributors to vote with Thiago Power (Thiago tokens which are committed to a 7 days vesting period)

Reward Pool & Distribution

The reward pool is used to distribute funds to those who actively participate in creation and/or curation of content. The funding for the reward pool is composed out of token supply. When a user submits a post, it initiates a 7 day curation window during which it may be UpVoted or DownVoted until its final evaluation is reached at the end of 7 days.

Upon reaching final evaluation, 60% of the earned rewards are granted to the creator and 40% are proportionally split between curators who have voted for the post with a positive value. Voting with a negative value does not generate curation rewards. Distribution is carried out in a way that 50% of the reward is stake as Thiago Power and 50% granted as liquid Thiago.

Reward Beneficiaires

It's possible that different people contribute to a post (i.e: author, co-authors, apps, entities etc). ThiagoRe tab into Hive blockchain ‘’beneficiaries rewards’’ feature and offer users to collaborate in content production. The blockchain collects and distributes to all participants based on specified rewards proportions.

Time-Lock for security

ThiagoRe will use Hive Blockchain time-lock feature to prevent an attacker from being able to access users tokens immediately. Thiago tokens held as Thiago Power in the 21 days vesting schedule will only be withdrawn at a rate of 1/21 per day, after an initial waiting period of 1 day.


ThiagoRe Proposal (TRP) is an on-chain decentralized autonomous system that will allows users to submit proposals for funding and vote on which proposals should be funded.


ThiagoRe seek to support fractal governance as per the initial experimentation of the goFractally community. One of our objectives is to support the Eden community content producers. The ThiagoRe fractal community will collaborate with the Eden fractal community to launch a cross-community rewards initiative.


  • Supply: 600 M

  • Allocations: Rewards Pool (360M, 60%), Staking Rewards (90M, 15%), Strategic Dvlpmt (60M, 10%), Marketing/Ops (30M, 5%), Founder/Team (30M, 5%), Community (30M, 5%).

Technology Stacks

  • Hive Blockchain: A social-based blockchain built to store vast amounts of content and to make it available for time-based monetization. It provides a scalable blockchain protocol for publicly accessible and immutable content, along with a fast and feeless digital token called $HIVE. It’s fast, scalable and powerful for building web3 applications. It has a thriving ecosystem of 100+ dApps, communities & projects and is home of the most-used Web3 apps in the world, such as LeoFinance, Splinterlands, Ecency and Actifit. For more information, visit

  • Hive-Engine: A second-layer protocol on Hive for enabling smart social currency for content creators and content businesses across the Internet. It’s designed to bring smart contract capabilities to Hive Blockchain. It uses the $BEE token for resource allocation.

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