Gift to Omar | The Ink Well Prompt



Sandra told me she would give me my present at midnight on Christmas Eve. I was not a person who tolerated surprises, but Sandra always managed to appease me. However, my anxieties showed as the day wore on. I was hoping it was new shoes or a new bag to carry my stuff in, maybe for mysticism, it was those beautiful tactical pants we saw while walking downtown.

“Still, you assholes!” I had to wake up from my lethargy and watch some assailants enter the bank where I worked. “Stop, this is a Christmas miracle!” They showed us some dangerous high-caliber firearms.

It's the holiday season. This used to happen a lot, even though going into a bank was out of fashion.

Alberto, my partner, signaled me to act. And I couldn't help yawning. People shouted and got down on their knees at the demands of the three delinquents.

“You, four eyes, kneel too," one of the masked men told me. “You get on your knees or a bullet will go through your ugly face.”
Again I couldn't help yawning, better were the cyber thieves, it was hard to deal with people who without expecting it stole money from you through the internet. Hacker called them his neighbor, however, the name was wrong.

“Can't you hear my questions, four eyes?” The guy stuck his gun against my head, it was cold.

“Again you take me out of my thoughts," I growled, getting up from my desk. “Can't they rob another bank? Can't they do it by more modern means?”

The leader of the group fired his gun at me. However, it never hit me, a mini black hole swallowed it up. It was imperceptible to the human eye.

“They should modernize," I continued speaking to the guy closest to me. “Nobody does these things anymore.”

The assailant fired again. Again the mini holes absorbed them. Tired of the screams and detonations, he touched the cold gun, which was also ingested by a mini-hole. This time they could see how the gun elongated like a thin strand of spaghetti until it disappeared.

"It's a Meta," shouted the leader, fleeing toward the door.
The others followed him.

I touched a table that was absorbed, then snapped my fingers to make it appear right on top of the thieves. It was instantaneous, they were crushed by the object. I wanted to sit back down to think, but my partner Alberto kept insisting with signs that they were dangerous.

People were no longer shouting if they weren't looking at me. I hated to show off my skills, so they came to me as an auxiliary, rarely as a hero. I wasn't a hero, just a citizen who didn't like interruptions.

Likewise, I approached the criminals, gradually disarming them. A touch here, a touch there, and I would take their weapons.

“Disgusting, Meta," the leader thought that would make me explode as if I were like the others. “They think they are superior to us.”

I called the security guards to take care of the matter now. I took some ropes out of one of the dimensions that stored them and held them out to them.

"Don't ignore me just because I have those abilities, we were not born with that gift," asked the guy who had pointed at me. -You have the power of a god.

That was often said to me. However, I didn't see the difference. And I sat down at my desk to continue working. No one thanked me for my actions, they just looked at me with awe and fear.


During the day there were no more attempts to rob the bank. I was able to do all the investment balances and send them to my superiors. So I left early that day. I wandered through the streets contemplating what I could give Sandra. I was also looking to match what my best friend was going to give me.
Sandra is a girl I met in college. I studied finance, while she studied engineering. She was not attractive to men only because she was smart. However, that curly hair and that piggy nose sometimes caught me as one of my black holes. She was one of the few who accepted my nature. She also told me that those abilities were a gift from God, it was the only thing we disagreed on.

I walked to Zodiac Square. A nice place where I went every afternoon to look at the statue of my father and mother. They had brought the Meta and died in the attempt.

Just then some kids were harassing a Meta boy. The boy had a frog face, there were a few like that. At least he had a human face. However, that boy didn't. Yawn bored whether to help the boy.

“You are an abomination," the children shouted.

And they threw the first rock, but it disappeared into thin air.

“Hey kids, there's an adult here," I got up from the fountain.

The frog boy took the opportunity to run away, I could see how he was agile and jumped over the buildings. The children noticed the frog boy disappeared and went after him. I yawned in boredom and annoyance.

I was alone again with my thoughts. I looked at my parents again. They were the first humans to leave the solar system and travel the entire solar system. However, when they returned from space ten decades later, their ship was filled with cosmic energy. The same energy affected some scientists. Even they months later will die from that radiation. However, I was born immune, but with some of that energy.

I was not the first Meta, but I was the firstborn of one. The first Meta was no longer left. Those contaminated scientists died from the radiation, their powers were minimal, however, their children were different, their powers ranged from controlling bees to flying. Still, none of us wanted those gifts, we were ordinary citizens. Only a few became firemen or policemen capable of using their gifts.

We were 5% of the human population.


I was in front of Sandra in her apartment waiting for Christmas Eve. We were talking again day by day, she was impressed by my intervention in the robbery. She was so happy that she even gave me a warm hug.

“Oh, I should wait for Christmas," she said, I didn't understand why.

Hours passed while we were making dinner. We both looked like a couple, which people repeatedly declared to me.

“We won't be done by Christmas Eve," I said, struggling to get the chicken ready.

Sandra smiled.

“Not even if you use your powers, but it doesn't matter, what matters is the gift.”

At that moment the midnight bell rang.

Then Sandra without warning kissed me. I received it in surprise, but when Sandra's tongue crossed the threshold of my lips I surrendered to passion.

“Merry Christmas Omar.”

Her lips tasted of raspberry. My gift, a virtual reality computer, would not be enough to reward that gift.


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