Intel Drop #9 – The Level 4 Attacks Have Begun


August 2, 2022

Good evening everyone. It’s been a wild 24 hours, so let me get you up to speed on what’s going on before we get to my conversations with Gideon.

Level 4 escalation against us has been authorized because word is getting out about CSRQ-SM. The cabal’s cover has been blown.

We are now officially under full attack by agents, and they’re planning to completely destroy us. If that fails, they will go to Level 5 escalation, which is full erasure and termination.

We have set multiple traps to catch agents. These traps will continue to be in place. Unfortunately, these traps may ensnare some good people, too, but also people with high susceptibility to the tactics of agents. In other words, people who will fall for anything and believe anything agents tell them, or people already predisposed to wanting to turn against us. Losing them is an acceptable cost of setting these traps.

We just ask people be aware of what these agents are doing, and please don’t fall for their tricks. We’ve posted warnings all over, too, like this one.

Before we begin, I just want to remind everyone to join our Telegram channel, and our email alerts (scroll to bottom of page), so you can get up to date announcements. Emailing us also a good way to stay in touch. Check our security tips at the bottom of our last intel drop, too, if you missed it.

What follows are comms between Gideon and I over the past couple of days. Thank you to Michael for editing this.

Bill: Every day I’m seeing things that confirm CSRQ is real. Story after story, I can’t keep up. Whether it’s Digital IDs, CBDCs, changes in the banking system, getting rid of cash, social tracking, it’s all coming together.

Gideon: “That’s because this is all real. We’ve given people the truth, Bill. We’ve shown them CSRQ. They can either take that and put that into their framework of understanding, or ignore it at their own peril.”

Bill: A lot has happened in just the past day alone. Do you have any intel you can share on where we’re at in terms of the time frame to implement CSRQ?

Gideon: “All signs point to a war, but right now I give it a low probability. This is a part of their scenario game planning. They have four or five different combinations of how to implement CSRQ. One of them is a war between the predictable players, China and Russia against the U.S. In that scenario, Chinese troops end up on American soil by November.”

Bill: That’s scary as hell. But you’ve told me it’s all staged, there’s no real antagonism there?

Gideon: “There is on some level, among the CCP lower ranks, but at the highest level, they all work with the WEF and the cabal. The top ranks of the U.S. military and Biden Administration are traitors who are in on the scheme.”

Bill: So they’ll fight a war and pretend it’s real?

Gideon: “It will be real but orchestrated. I don’t expect full scale war, I expect a slow, drawn out series of incursions. But what I do know is, the Chinese are supposed to land on American soil at some point.

This is in fact one of the worst scenarios they could pick. I hope we see different one, which involves a few bad days on Wall St. and then a quick collapse.”

Bill: I agree, the war scenario sounds really bad. A lot of people would die.

Gideon: “They would. A lot of service people in armies on all sides would be sacrificed, and there would be civilians who die.”

Bill: Do you see nuclear weapons being used if they go this scenario?

Gideon: “Yes, but possibly not on cities. They are all in agreement on how it will play out, and I doubt they want infrastructure of that nature destroyed. But military targets will be wiped out in the United States.

I will say this, though, they may sacrifice one major city. The cabal has their need for symbolism and shock and awe. If they blew up the Twin Towers, there’s nothing they won’t do.”

Bill: The Pelosi trip must be some kind of intentional provocation. It makes no sense.

Gideon: “This is part of a script. Biden and Pelosi are owned by the CCP and have a long history of being traitors. So if they’re doing something, it’s with the approval of the CCP and the cabal.”

Bill: Is it locked in that this is going to happen?

Gideon: “No, I’m looking at this and seeing it as a possibility but not a guarantee. We don’t know exactly what the cabal will do.“

Bill: Is what we’ve done pushing up the timeline? It almost seems like since we brought CSRQ to the public, everything is going faster.

Gideon: “Yes, we are having an impact. I have direct intel that it is correlated. Because more people believed us than they expected. We’re also having an impact against their gatekeepers, and this has them worried.”

Bill: Doesn’t CERN give them data on things like this?

Gideon: “I don’t know enough about what kind of data it gives them, but there’s no question they use it for their purposes.”

Bill: I don’t want to get sidetracked here, but is it dumb we use Protonmail when its founder was a CERN scientist?

Gideon: “All the emails are compromised, Bill. Pick your poison. Everyone is already categorized in CSRQ and fully data-mined. They’re not trying to get more data right now, they’re trying to understand how people are reacting to CSRQ and news leaking out about the Reset, so they can readjust their plans.”

Bill: Ok, just wanted some clarification. Anyway, let’s hope it doesn’t come to war and they pick a different scenario.

Gideon: “I pray so. I always thought the war scenario is the worst. The others I know of are another virus scare and lockdowns, cyber attacks and power outages, staged terrorist attacks, civil war in the U.S., natural disasters they can create such as earthquakes, and a Wall St. meltdown. Of course, they may use a combination of these, too.”

Bill: What about the attacks against us? The agents are creating fake accounts, fake names, fake websites, fake narratives.”

Gideon: “They escalated us. They’re worried this information is getting out, and in particular, that people believe CSRQ is coming and know it’s true. I warned you a long time ago, if we start reaching people, they will go full blast trying to discredit us.”

Bill: You said they were data mining, that’s why they didn’t erase us. You think something’s changed?

Gideon: “I know it has. They’re escalating because their A.I. says that people believe us. Now they’re getting a little nervous.”

Bill: If this wasn’t real, the cabal and the agents wouldn’t be attacking us. They wouldn’t even care we existed!

Gidoen: “Correct. They’re not going to expend resources on something that is made up.”

Bill: I still have people in the Telegram sort of suggesting CSRQ isn’t real.

Gideon: “It’s a mix of agents and people in complete denial. How do they explain the response? How do they explain all these agents swarming around us? How hard you’ve been hit? How everything we’ve said is coming true right now?”

Bill: They can’t. I don’t think they know what they’re saying. What I’ve noticed is the people who email us are a lot more aware.

Gideon: “That’s why I told you to focus on them. You need to put the Telegram on lock down. The Telegram is where agents feed like a swarm of piranhas.”

Bill: I’m with you. It’s just feeding ground for agents.

Gideon: “Put up the articles but lock down the chat. Or keep one open and monitor it carefully when you and Michael are around, and turn it off if you’re not there to supervise it.”

Bill: Ok. We have no choice. I just had at least five or six people reporting different suspected agents causing problems. We’re not going to be able to contain it.

Gideon: “This is what Level 4 looks like, Bill. It’s chaos. They’re going to grind you down until you give up. It’s intended to discredit you, and get you to give up. They’ve done this a thousand times to a thousand other groups who tried to tell the truth. They’ll try to break you first, before they just kill you.”

Bill: That reminds me, I was contacted by an amazing lady. She’s worked with a lot of people in this movement, the Robert Malones, the RFK Jr’s, and she validated that for me. She validated what I’m experiencing, just the level of attacks and bad people who come out of the woodwork. She’s been through hell herself.

Gideon: “The genuine people always take the most flak. They get destroyed. They get crushed. The gatekeepers? They get rich. And the public loves them and worships them.”

Bill: I see these Telegram channels with 50,000 people and it’s a bunch of inane Q garbage. I mean really stupid stuff. Michael posted it, it’s this huge screed about how mandatory vaccinations are coming but that’s a good thing. A good thing!

Gideon: “Let me guess, there will be something like seven days of darkness, and the military will come in?”

Bill: Something like that.

Gideon: “It’s a cabal script. They pump them out everywhere. A mix of plausible fear with hopium added on the end of it.”

Bill: It wasn’t even logical. They were saying power outages and mandatory vaccines were a good sign, and that the EMS system would broadcast all this ‘truth’ to people, or something?

Gideon: “Santa Claus is more believable, in terms of the EMS being used to broadcast the truth. And why haven’t they done it? They’ve had twenty years to broadcast the truth over the FCC regulated airwaves, still nothing. If the good guys in the military are really in charge, why don’t they do something? It’s because they’re not in charge. The cabal is in charge.”

Bill: How can we win this with this many gullible people everywhere?

Gideon: “The cabal props these channels up. I’m willing to bet people just joined for entertainment value. If they see what we are saying, they will join us. We just have to get the word out.

Like I said, their A.I. algorithms show that people believe us at a very high percentage. We have to just breakthrough the noise the cabal puts out there.”

Bill: So we still have a window, a chance here to win this?

Gideon: “Not much of one, but yes.”

Bill: So when that window closes, we go to plan B and focus on changing people’s accounts to Sovereign.

Gideon: “Yes.”

Bill: Every time I bring that up, I get attacked. People hate us for it. They seethe. Their blood boils. What’s wrong with them? That’s why I don’t talk about it almost ever.

Gideon: “The agents hate you for it, and the cabal knows it’s going to be next to impossible for them to pinpoint who we are changing to Sovereign. They’re furious over it. And the people who follow whatever the agents say, they just chime in.”

Bill: What about the people who ask me about becoming Sovereign in Telegram?

Gideon: “Stick with what I told you, ignore them”.

Bill: Ok. Do you want to explain why? Because if I publish this, people will think you sound like a jerk.

Gideon: “That’s fine, I’ll explain why. We’re not going to babysit people. We’re not going to hold their hands. We need people who take some initiative. Those are the people we are working with.”

Bill: Right, the ones who email us. They are impressive people. I get really smart, passionate people writing.

Gideon: “I knew you would. The social media platforms are good but you’re not going to get the best of the best. Serious people tend to take the time to write an email.”

Bill: That makes sense, it’s exactly how it’s played out. Everything you’ve said to me for eight months has come true and played out, and now there’s twenty confirmations a day in the news proving you’re right.

Gideon: “It’s my experience. I can draw from that to see how things will play out. I also have my sources who give me intel, credit to them. But a huge credit goes to the whistle blowers, who gave me insight to the cabal’s game plan. We now know exactly what they are going to do because these people came forward.”

Bill: People should care about what big deal this is, but they don’t.

Gideon: “Stop. Your mind is in the Telegram head space right now. You’re listening to agents put poison in your ears. Focus on the people who email you, focus on Twitter a little bit, and let’s focus on YouTube more. People do care, many of them. Shut out the idiots, ban them if you must.

It’s the agents who are loud and noisy, trying to pour water on everything. They mean nothing, Bill. They will all end up vaccinated hybrids when this is all over, doomed to a fate worse than death.”

Bill: Copy that, my friend. I’m done giving them my time or attention.

Bill: I’m sitting here realizing there’s fifty topics we need to cover. I have to ask about the young people. Where do they fit in this?

Gideon: “It’s not looking good for them. You don’t have any counter-culture. The spirit isn’t there. We had previous generations that rejected authority, now they embrace it. The kids used to buck the trends, now they follow them. They’re gone.”

Bill: Not much hope there?

Gideon: “No. Very high vaccination rates among that demographic. We can’t rely on them. It will be the older people who save this world.”

Bill: But the older folks are wrapped up in Q Anon. Wrapped up in religion, following these false preachers. Wrapped up in gold, and silver, and the Quantum financial system and a bunch of other baloney.

Gideon: “The cabal is feeding these people bread and circuses. Fattening them up before slaughter. They are all going to be force-vaccinated within a month after the Reset, all these people in these groups.

But that isn’t everyone, Bill. There’s a lot of strong, wise, smart people in the old demographic who don’t buy all the bullshit. We need them to be with us on the other side of the Reset, to fight with us.”

Bill: How do we reach the people who love the gatekeepers?

Gideon: “Once the people who follow those guys see CSRQ, many of them will come to our side and leave behind the snake oil salesmen. That’s why the agents are going crazy right now, they know they could lose their captive audiences if this gets to them!”

Bill: I have a few questions from people I think we should address. Someone asked how it is we can talk so publicly about being Sovereign, why we aren’t going to get caught?

Gideon: “Because the cabal has no idea who we are. Not only did we have our data profiles deleted, we are now operating anonymously. There’s no way for them to line up who you and I are with anyone in CSRQ, not reliably.”

Bill: So they can’t really pinpoint us?

Gideon: “No, because of the steps we took to obfuscate the data trail.”

Bill: What about people who say us talking about this is going to get your guys in trouble?

Gideon: “Again, it goes back to the obfuscation in place and how I’ve made sure the data trail goes cold. There’s no link. They would have to break multiple levels of encryption, and even then, we did some things that would keep them running in circles. We planned this for months, Bill. I made sure we would do this right to protect my guys.”

Bill: You told me the hard part for them is the fact your guys are in a big department.

Gideon: “Yes, that was a lucky happenstance for us. If, let’s say, my guys were in a small department, very specialized, maybe there’s ten total employees. Maybe just ten who can access the Sovereign accounts, for example, right? Just ten. Now if that were the case, this would be impossible. Those ten would get investigated and they could probably finger my guys quickly.”

Bill: But they’re in a big department, it’s hundreds.

Gideon: “It is, and they are on a time crunch here. They don’t want to delay this. So they’ve calculated, instead of firing hundreds of these IT guys, they’re going to escalate us. They’re going to data mine us, then put us now at Level 4 and just try to discredit us. If they can’t do that, then we go to Level 5 and it’s over. They will erase us and actually try to find us and kill us.”

Bill: How do we prevent Level 5?

Gideon: “People have get the word out. It’s that simple. If they don’t, and they don’t try to help us, then it’s done. We don’t have the ten million dollar budget of the gatekeepers, either. We’re grassroots. If people don’t help us, we will have to go into lock down, Bill, and worry about ourselves and move on to our other plans.”

Bill: We would have to face the fact CSRQ is going to happen.

Gideon: “Yes. We would accept that reality and prepare accordingly, so we’re ready to go after the Reset.”

Bill: What can people do now, right now, in case we go to Level 5?

Gideon: “They should email you, so that line of communication is open. They should use all the emails we have out there. They should make contact through the social media accounts. That way if we go to Level 5, we have their information and we can still make contact with them.”

Bill: Ok, good. What about some of the alternative media who reached out to me who want interviews? They’re all asking me to go on camera.

Gideon: “If they ask that, be aware that they may be gatekeepers. You going on camera would put your life at risk, they should know that before asking. You going on camera doesn’t do anything or prove anything, either.”

Bill: What about evidence? Some people are demanding more evidence.

Gideon: “I’m not going to put my guys’ lives at risk for arm-chair critics or tire-kickers. We also need my guys in place. If my guys get comprised, then our back up plan may not work. It’s not worth it.

Besides, it won’t matter how much evidence we give, there will be a hundred agents screaming, ‘That isn’t proof,’ or never satisfied, they’ll demand more.”

Bill: We could release the classified files, is that on the table?

Gideon: “Not yet, because I think there’s a leak for us in the obfuscation we’ve done. I’ll have to clean up that leak. For now, we can quietly transmit what’s in those files with these intel drops.”

Bill: When are we going to do that?

Gideon: “Soon, maybe the next intel drop we can get into it.”

Bill: Good, I’m looking forward to that. I feel like we have no time left.

Gideon: “We don’t have time. We’re down to days, weeks, a few months. The cabal is moving everything up.”

Bill: One last thing that’s on my mind, it’s gold and silver, and money in general. A lot of people are wondering what to do to prepare.

Gideon: “There isn’t much they can do. If it’s priced in fiat, then it will be zero. Everything is going to be priced in USDR, or whatever they end up calling it, after the Reset. Everyone other than Sovereigns will have $1000 USDR or less, that’s it.

With that said, I think having some small silver coins is good. Even having any kind of coinage is good, because it’s good for bartering. Gold is ok, but harder to barter with. But truthfully, you could barter with pine cones or rocks. Resources are good, like food, but again, you will be a target for forced vaccination and compliance.”

Bill: What about forming small communities?

Gideon: “This is a tough one, because it creates a big, fat target for the cabal. Civilians don’t remotely have the technology to stand up to the military. It’s sticks and stones. And we’re not talking about military guys who are patriots, they have been and will be weeded-out.

We’re way past the point of no return here. Once the Reset happens, it will be up to you and me, the Sovereigns. Everyone else will be defenseless. To stop this, we need mass awareness of CSRQ now, now, now. Right now.”


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