Intel Drop #2 – Actionable vs. Passive Truths


Sunday – July 17, 2022

I hope everyone’s having a wonderful Sunday. Let’s get to the updates.

I’ve had a lot of people messaging me asking me to contact a lot of
different people in the Alt Media. Thank you for the suggestions, but it’s
much more helpful if you reach out to these people! We’ve already hit a
“brick wall” in this area, so if I reach out, they seem to want to just ignore
me. If you reach out, they may listen. It’s a huge way you can help.

I’m also having a lot of people contact me asking to look up who is
Sovereign in the Alt Media. Some good names and suggestions. We
already submitted some names, listed here, so I’m awaiting word on that.
Gideon said today they’ve looked up three of those names so far.

The following are some exchanges between myself and Gideon over the
past day. Thank you to Michael as always for his editing help.

Bill: When I’m on Telegram, I’m getting exhausted by the amount of info
pouring in. It’s not just there, it’s all over the Internet. There’s ten
thousand sources of ‘info’ exposing ‘truths’ and so on. What’s going on

Gideon: “Information overload, by design.”

Bill: Some of it is good info. Some of it, like the stuff Max Igan is putting
out about the technology in the 1800s. There’s a name for it, I forget. I
can’t keep up with this stuff.

Gideon: “There are actionable truths and passive truths. They want you
focused on the passive truths.”

Bill: What do you mean by that?

Gideon: “They have Sovereigns whose sole job is to pump out overwhelming
information on various esoteric subjects that don’t pertain to your life or the
current threats we face. It’s information that takes you away from applying
things to your life.”

Bill: Is this a new phenomena? There have always been people saying,
“Here’s the secret to everything.” Graham Hancock, David Wilock, David
Icke come to mind.

Gideon: “They’ve always been around. Some are genuine, some have good
information. This is different. They put this program in place a few years ago,
it’s gone into overdrive. They are flooding the Internet with nonsense to
literally cause truth-seekers to experience mental overload and to keep them
consuming information that has no actionable purpose in their lives.”

Bill: This passive versus actionable truth, explain that.

Gideon: “You have to base your data on real world facts. On reality. You also
have to consume data that helps you take action in some way to save your
own life or protect your own life. You need knowledge you can use, either now
or in the future. The passive data, like researching technology from the 1800s,
it’s fascinating but it’s not applicable to your life right now.

Our world is being destroyed second by second. This is survival. What they
have planned, which is going to happen very soon, is the end of humanity.
Your children will be force-vaccinated. What is more important than that?”

Bill: I can’t think of anything more important than protecting children.
Should people just ignore these things, the passive truths? What should
they do?

Gideon: “They have to learn to prioritize information. If you are spending all
day reading about Q, then you are just sitting there reading about how some
other people somewhere else might be doing something.”

Bill: Right, Q is all about how there’s this “good” part of the military who
are going to “get the bad guys” at some point.

Gideon: “What are you accomplishing in your own life if you are reading that?
How does that information help you either now or in the future? It’s just telling
you a story about how someone else is doing something, while you do

Bill: It doesn’t do anything for you.

Gideon: “How can that information help you make decisions?”

Bill: It can’t.

Gideon: “Is that information even accurate, or based on real-world data? Can
you verify it? Can you confirm it?”

Bill: No. With Q, with a lot of this, no, it can’t be verified at all.

Gideon: “Remember how I told you to look for confirmations?”

Bill: Yes, I was telling people about that. It’s incredible. On the drone stuff,
on the CBDC stuff. On the social credit scoring. On us eating bugs. It’s all
there! Everything you told me six months ago, it’s happening now. It’s
mind-blowing for me. The biggest confirmation is the Alt Media, that really
shook me.

Gideon: “That’s verifiable. What we are trying to tell people can be verified. It’s
information that is actionable, that is also pertinent to your own life, right
now. You’re not wasting time learning about these things by listening to us,
you are actually gaining data you need to have.”

Bill: I agree. Knowing about these things, it’s very relevant to all of us.

Gideon: “That’s the information people need to prioritize. Otherwise, you are
playing into their game. They want you to belong to a ton of movements,
spending all day consuming information, focused on theories, much of it has
nothing to do with actual reality at all.”

Bill: It’s fantasy.

Gideon: “It’s complete fantasy, disguised as truth. In some cases, it is truth,
but passive truth. What we are talking about is reality, happening right in
front of everyone.”

Bill: That helps me understand what’s going on a lot better. By the way,
did you get that huge list of questions that guy sent me?

Gideon: “Yes, I went through it. Do you want to reference it?”

Bill: Let me pull it up. Ok. I’ll just go through this. He wants to know, why is
someone classified as Common versus Sovereign? What makes that

Gideon: “Sovereign class is transitioning the current role-players into a new
role. The current system is run by people in this so-called cabal, they are
initiates. Whether Jesuits, Freemasons, Illuminati, Jewish mysticism, they are
all part of a larger group that uses them to move this agenda forward. The
software moves them into one classification, Sovereign.”

Bill: You’re going to upset people with some of that, because they’re
convinced any one of those named groups are the real head of the snake.

Gideon: “They’re not. The initiates believe each group they are a part of is the
top of the pyramid, by the way, which is a method of their
compartmentalization. For example, the highest level Freemason or the Pope
are not ‘running things’, though they may believe they are. The named group
isn’t known. I’ve never seen it on the Internet. I suspect what it is, I’m not
certain but I suspect I know it, but if I name or describe it that would escalate
us to Level 5. It’s not worth it.”

Bill: I guess that’s passive information?

Gideon: “Yes. Knowing the exact name of the overarching cabal is not very
relevant, but they want you to waste hours upon hours sifting through the
Internet to find it, researching and researching, going down rabbit holes they
created that lead nowhere. It would not change anything, knowing the precise

This is where people get lost, convinced they found the one, true group of ‘bad
guys’ above all the other bad guys, with gematria, symbolism, Q’s vague coded
language, trying to understand all of the rituals of the elites. Some is helpful,
some is completely made up by them to distract, some is accurate, most of it
is not relevant to what we are facing. You want to have a good background
understanding, and once you have that, move on to actionable data.”

Bill: What if people read this and think you’re trying to distract them from
the truth?

Gideon: “I think they will understand what I’m trying to say. I’m trying to
emphasize the prioritization of certain data over other data, because we don’t
have a lot of time left. I’m sure people can understand what I mean.

If we had the luxury to explore every possible rabbit hole, I would fully
encourage that, encourage the expansion of knowledge, the journey of

But I also know this cabal has programs in place to distract and misdirect. So
what may seem like a journey of truth is in fact an endless, meandering,
circular path specifically designed to keep you from the truth. More often
currently, their programs are designed to keep you from taking any action and
instead deferring your power to another group, such as Q Anon. We aren’t
doing that at all.”

Bill: You don’t think there’s any chance there are good people in the
military fighting the bad guys behind the scenes?

Gideon: “The idea the American military is doing anything to stop this is
laughable. They are either doing nothing and watching the country be
destroyed, or they are actively involved. The military has been corrupt and
compromised from top to bottom for decades. It is now more corrupt than
ever before, because they’ve removed the good people, or the good ones
retired long ago. If they were going to do something to save the Republic, it
would have been done a long time ago. Nothing has been done.”

Bill: We were talking about the vaccines approved for children. How could
the military let that happen if any of them were good people?

Gideon: “They are letting it happen. They are standing by and watching
millions of children be murdered. Somehow, the Q people will find an excuse
as to why they can’t take action.”

Bill: It is all garbage, the Q stuff.

Gideon: “It is a very well-funded, robust disinformation campaign designed to
completely neutralize patriots. It has been likened to Operation Trust, and this
is accurate.”

Bill: But didn’t Trump do some good things?

Gideon: “He did, but nothing of lasting impact against the cabal. Trump made
some token gestures against the New World Order, all of which were reversed
or will be reversed by Biden. He made people doubt the media, which is good,
but then they all flooded into the Alt Media, who are all Sovereigns and

He had to do some good things, to gain the trust of patriots. It worked. But he
also hired every Sovereign person in D.C. to fill his Administration, and not a
single criminal went to prison in over four years. Can you explain that to me,

Bill: No, I can’t. He didn’t really do anything.

Gideon: “The only lasting change was on the Supreme Court, which has no
bearing on anything. The Reset will happen, and the last thing they want are
their trans-human babies to be aborted! They would never let Roe vs. Wade be
overturned if it didn’t serve the agenda.

Abortion is a blood ritual that will never cease, either. But for them, they now
need vaccinated women to give birth, at least the ones who were given the
nano-hydra vaccine.“

Bill: It makes sense they want the vaccinated babies to be born. Ok, let’s
move on here. He wants to know about private property. How will it be

Gideon: “This is not controversial in terms of how it can be done, but Bill, you
are going to have people very disbelieving of this. They won’t be able to accept
it. Let’s look at reality.

First, there will be a collapse, so asset values drop to nothing. The Sovereigns
buy them up. They’re already buying it all up, this isn’t a secret. They are
concentrating the wealth and moving it into USDR, a closed system the general
public cannot access.

When the Reset happens, it’s seized. By decree. It all becomes property of this
new super-state. What it will be called, we’re not sure. We think they’ll keep the
names of countries in place for a period of about six months, then announce
the name of the worldwide government.”

Bill: What about, say, someone who owns an acreage, a boat, a few cars, a
collection of art? How does that work out for them?

Gideon: “After the Reset, they will get to live on it, but they will pay some kind
of rent per month, it won’t be a lot. In the long-term, the plan is to move them
off the property and into the cities, but that is further off, that won’t happen
right away. Once they’re vaccinated with the nano/hydra, then it might

By decree, it’s no longer theirs. There is a cap for assets for each group, it’s
very low. Each account will categorize what assets you own, probably based
on some kind of prioritization. Your washer and dryer is yours, but the boat is
not yours anymore, for example. Everyone will get a list of this issued to them,
it should show up in their bank account, like a downloadable PDF, describing
all their assets, all of the details of the Reset.”

Bill: He wants to know about private companies? How will the economy

Gideon: “They will be seized by the state. It will be a Communistic system, but
in America, we think they will have some type of shell company placeholders
so the public can accept it better. Amazon will still be Amazon, just owned by
the government. The CEOs have all been replaced, by the way. Their wealth is
secured. They fully support the plan, even if the traditional idea of their public
company traded on a stock exchange will no longer exist. They’re moving it all
into USDR.”

Bill: He’s going on and on about why would people still work? Why would
people do certain jobs? Why wouldn’t they just quit? He doesn’t think UBI
will work, the universal basic income, it will cause people to not work.

Gideon: “The universal basic income will work. After a collapse, it will be
embraced by most people. There will still be job requirements. If you don’t
actually do your job, your UBI is gone. Now you are broke and homeless.“

Bill: He’s asking, Why would someone become a brain surgeon?

Gideon: “They have them in Communist countries, so how is that possible?
There will be incentives and perks. We talked about this with respect to the
Common class. They won’t give you USDR, but they will provide coupons and

Now, imagine if you lived in Cuba, and you have nothing, and the government
offers you five extra coupons for bread or rice per month, if you follow a
certain career path? In lieu of nothing, such an incentive would appear

You have to realize, the cabal is going to downsize the model of American
consumption. How many times must it be said, ‘You will own nothing and be
happy.’ That sentence alone tells you what is to come, but people don’t listen!”

Bill: I guess you’re right, they are telling us exactly what will happen.

Gideon: “They will reduce the available freedom and opportunity, choke it off,
and then provide some crumbs. So with all things equal, if you are offered
some crumbs those crumbs look better than no crumbs at all!”

Bill: Americans don’t get this.

Gideon: “The rest of the world will adjust to this better, because the mentality
isn’t the same.

Americans are the most aggressively consumer-based economy in the world.
That is changing, because this cabal is walking away from the growth, fiat,
fractional reserve, central bank-based economic model. It made them
incredibly powerful, but it has a lifespan. It cannot go on forever. It is going to
collapse, so instead of letting it just blow up in their faces, it will be a
controlled collapse, to transition the world into Communism.

But Americans think this model can go on forever, it can’t. They lost their
freedom, Constitution and the soundness of their money in 1913, and further
back than that.”

Bill: He’s asking how will people pay for medical care, or the Internet?

Gideon: “He thinks Communist countries don’t have these things? Tell him to
educate himself on Communism and then return with his questions.”

Bill: Ok, so you’re saying, we have to just dispense of our capitalistic
understanding with respect to this software and Reset?

Gideon: “Yes. The capitalistic model is being thrown out, because it’s about to
die. The debt is into the many Trillions, it cannot be paid back. They are
replacing it. It could be replaced with freedom, sound money, the banning of
usury, and a humanitarian, sustainable model, but that would threaten their
power. It would also dissolve their trans-humanist plans and experiments. So
they are going a very dark route instead.”

Bill: He’s asking what their justification is for Sovereigns not to have the

Gideon: “Why would they poison or kill themselves? What kind of question is

Bill: Ok, he has more questions, some of them are really stupid. He’s
asking why I live in Vietnam? Because... that’s where I live.

Gideon: “Don’t waste energy on some of these people. Bill, you know some of
them are agents just there to drain you of energy and keep your wheels

Bill: I know, I know. Some of the questions I get, I’m wondering if they are
just really stupid people or trying to just waste my time.

Gideon: “IQs have dropped dramatically, from the electromagnetic pollution,
poisons in the food and water and the vaccinations during childhood. The
younger generations will put up no resistance to these plans, BIll, none.”

Bill: I know, it scares the hell out of me, the young people, they’re totally
brainwashed and weakened.

Gideon: “They stand no chance, they will be absorbed right into the Reset and
new system. The Metaverse and video games will keep them passive and
compliant. Many of them will be OK with it. None of them are educated on
freedom or the Constitution or human rights.”

Bill: What about this momentum that seems to be building? More people
waking up?

Gideon: “Very good question. Let’s walk through this. First, we have to realize
this anti-vaccine, anti-Great Reset movement is not very large. I’m not saying
that to be negative, it’s reality. It has power. It’s doing good things. But, I keep
careful track of the total views on social media. I told you to look at some of

Bill: Yes, I did.

Gideon: “There are not enough views of this information. It is not exceeding a
few million of the same people seeing it over and over and sharing it. What
does seep out into the broader public may be dismissed, because many who
are vaccinated will not look at the truth or admit they were wrong.

You are also forgetting the power of the media and their control. They are still
pushing propaganda and lies and this is being consumed.

You are forgetting half of the truth movement is co-opted by gatekeepers,
Sovereigns. They are steering the conversation to where it will not be a threat.

You are forgetting that right now, they could not do the Great Reset, but
during economic turmoil, it will work. They know this. As much as you may
hear some grumbling and disagreement with the current state of things, once
the collapse accelerates, people become desperate. They will dispense their
ideologies in favour of safety!

Even if there are a growing number of people annoyed with the Great Reset,
once collapse happens, they will be able to offer universal basic income and
the restrictions of the classes and it will be generally accepted.

You have to also remember, no one will know about the Sovereign class. We
are the only ones telling the truth about this! If the public doesn’t know, and
thinks everyone is Common class, including the elites, the powerful, the
celebrities, it will be much more widely accepted. It will be seen as an
equalization. They will say, ‘Capitalism caused this mess, here’s a solution
where we are all equal now.’ They will celebrate seeing their rich neighbours
reduced to Common class!”

Bill: What sucks is I know you’re right. Not enough are awake.

Gideon: “Even those who are awake will find themselves submitting and
complying with this. The same way many people didn’t want to take the jab,
but they did anyway because their job required it. They threw their lives away
for some momentary security, and they will again.”

Bill: What’s the way humanity can stop this right now?

Gideon: “By exposing the Great Reset. But if you just say, ‘We think there’s this
Reset thing and we think it’s bad,’ that’s not very specific, is it? Do you think the
cabal is threatened by that? No.

If you show people, ‘Here’s the software and the class system, it’s been
exposed by hackers,’ now maybe they listen. They see the actual plan. They see
the real data. It’s not a vague concept, it’s a real, actionable concept. It’s
actionable truth, not passive truth.”



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