Earning My Affiliate Commissions in Crypto = Priceless


I'm all in on the the blockchain, believe in HIVE and I am a proud Click.Track.Profit ambassador. Working very hard to learn and CTP has been the driving force to how fast I'm moving along and although I'm a long ways away, the mindset is very on point.

Before the blockchain, I was getting good results on centralized marketing platforms, growing my downlines and lists and earning affiliate commissions.

So as I am totally in on posting daily on a HIVE platform, commenting and upvoting, following amazing folks and learning something new what seems everyday, joining challenges with the awesome CTP SWARM; I haven't neglected all the work I put in.

I'm working on bringing folks over to this amazing platform.

So I was looking at my numbers the past 30 days based on pivoting my marketing a bit to do just that I'm liking the trend.

This is the Lead Capture Page I'm using. List Name: Blockchain Branding Mastery

BBM.pngCLICK HERE to see that actual page

So with limited time and a couple of solo ad sources I picked up 55 subscribers.

With all that aside, the best part about all this; is that I received affiliate commissions in LTC from 2 advertising site owners, which I immediately invested here; so that brought things full circle, without me planning it that way.

I believe these owner's get it and there are few other advertising sources that are offering the options, but these guys are paying commissions in crytpo effortlessly and quickly.

Crypto Ad Profits

Solo Advertiser