šŸ¤”There's More Than One TrailšŸ‘¹


After several years of being oppressed and forced onto 'temporary' reservations, the Lakota people had reached their limit. 4 young warriors frustrated from an unsuccessful hunting trip decided to pilfer some eggs from a farm on land which they once roamed free. This led to an all out war for the territory in Minnesota (now called Mankato) which the white people won, killing a quarter of the remaining tribe. Though president Lincoln was trying to free the 'slaves' in the south, he cared none for the original freemen of the continent and held the same posture as Andrew Jackson - that the Native Americans were nothing more than savages. I often wonder what the world would be like today if we were all the same color and spoke the same tongue.

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The Magic Hat by @snookBajo control del tiempo by @latino.romanoLiving like a guest... by @bengy


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