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The massive adoption of the United States' nickname - 'Uncle Sam' - comes from a generous fellow. A guy out of New York named Samuel Wilson, supplied barrels of beef to soldiers during the War of 1812. On each barrel, he would stamp 'U.S' and the soldiers began to pass it around that it was from - you guessed it - Uncle Sam. As word spread, it became personified and even has been a marketing tool over the years.

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We now honor those that are using our family tag - #thealliance. These 'history' posts are getting some attention as I also include my three picks for curated content between now and the last issue. The three creators are beneficiaries of these posts. What would be a good percentage for these lovely humans? How many stars in the universe? What about the galaxy? No not this one, that one.

A Walk in the (little) Woods by @dfinneyOil Painting - Isle of Skye by @dabecksterA Day in My Life by @snook


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