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Before joining the War of 1812, the USS Constitution was already a formidable frigate. It was originally built to protect and escort American merchant ships in lieu of the Barbary Pirates and British and French bullying. It is responsible for the treaty of Tripoli and safely guiding ships through French waters to and from the West Indies. This 2200 ton 44-gun beast was also influenced and helped built by the one and only - Paul Revere.

In the summer of 1812, it was sequestered to fight the British. The most epic battle was one (today) with the British warship Guerrière near Boston. Claims were that the ship was impenetrable and that canon fire seemed to 'bounce off' of the ship which ultimately defeated the British and was dubbed 'Old Ironsides'. It went on to give the Americans a major morale boost and even destroyed and captured another 7 ships during the war and gave the young US military the victory.

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