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The facts that are undeniable from this event, are that two Boeing 767 planes crashed into the World Trade Center Twin Towers causing massive damage. About an hour later, a third plane smashed into the Pentagon military headquarters and demolished itself. 189 people died in that attack and close to 3000 were killed from the kamikaze splash in New York.

The rest, as to to who and why, is up for debate and there is no concrete evidence to favor any of it. Some blame our own government for letting it (and some even say made it) happen. The official review claims it was some super smart terrorists that bested our watchful eyes and hijacked the planes. What do you think actually happened?

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When Life Hands you Leftover Chicken by @justclickindivaGrowing New Orchids - Keiki DIY Project by @bdmillergallery"It's Not About Freedom Or Personal Choice" by @inthenow


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