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In the much anticipated first ever public airdrop for the newly created SPS (Splintershards) token for Splinterlands, the team once again proved that blockchains are not quite ready to handle the traffic a widely-played game can bring. Everything was broken, from simply claiming rewards, playing any other game or making a post - and the Splinterlands site was even in maintenance mode while it rewound the gears on the machine and got it up and running again.

This is a notable day in history, and feel it should be documented by us. Not only did they rake in over 3.5 million dollars from the private token sale, but have added another 50,000 active playing accounts since January. No other app in Hive history has done as much as fast. Well done gentlemen, well done. We look forward to seeing what kinds of governance actions we will be able to perform as we stake our SPS! We love hating this game 😝

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