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On this day in the lovely year of 1969, it was officially announced that Project Blue Book will be closed by the United States Air Force. It wasn't officially closed until December 17th, and operations further continued on into 1970, but, the impact that it had on the public, is still in effect today. The name came from final exam cover colors in colleges as the military believed that UFO and alien research was of the utmost importance. Because, you know, we don't want the public thinking something is better than us.

Yes! Otherworldly evidence debunking and maybe even proof? Of the over 12,000 sightings that were actually investigated, there is still close to a thousand which were deemed as 'unidentifiable'. What do you think? Is it all just secret government testing and warfare? Or perhaps, maybe we aren't 'alone in the universe'? Oh hey, there is a good series on Netflix right now called Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified that talks about this if you are interested. 😉

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