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💥Here & Now (Some More 'Sunny' Insights)☀

Here & Now

This is to comment on our present situation as the Steem blockchain collectively. Many things have been put out there and to, perhaps, mull over a possible solution to our current situation. Sometimes people are so stuck on themselves and their own personal agendas, they refuse to read and often, misread, what was actually written, let alone, said. They focus on one thing through shit-stained coke-bottle glasses instead of seeing truth. Here is some truth:


  • My loyalty is to Steem.
  • My loyalty is not to someone else's opinions.
  • Opinions are like assholes - we've all got one.
  • I'm an asshole - LMAO, now ya get me.


  • Steemit Inc has been working out a deal with TRON since November (to my knowledge).
  • Steemit Inc finally reached an agreement with Justin Sun to sell their company.
  • Justin Sun is a businessman and marketer.
  • Justin Sun has used his stake before to sway votes.
  • Once sold, Justin Sun made several tweets about his intentions.
  • Intentions included moving Steem to TRON.
  • Those intentions threaten our entire community.
  • A soft fork was pushed through to halt Justin Sun's assets on chain.
  • Those assets include delegations from a 'ninja mined' stake.
  • The stakes are not allowed to vote, flag, power down or up and vote witnesses.
  • A recent article on Coin Telegraph from @elipowell mentions a "reaction that came too soon".

Which Brings Us To:

Here and now. I understand the reasoning behind the fork, as, the security of our home here is of the utmost importance. The question is, "What do we do now?" Justin Sun has called for a meeting on the 6th where selected people will participate in negotiations as to what is the best way to deal with the stake. Possible options and things that will be mentioned by one party or another, during the discussion for release of the temporary freeze on TRON's funds are:

  • Burn it by sending it to null. (my personal choice)
  • 'Burn it' by redistributing it to the DAO/SPS.
  • Token swapping. (not a fan, but that's what Sun wants)
  • SMT creation and application.
  • Migration of Steemit to TRON.
  • Migration of TRON dApps to Steem.
  • Onboarding new users to TRON.
  • Onboarding new users to Steem.

I Say, "Burn It, All Of It."

As it stands, there is almost 15 million SP delegated out to various things from the @misterdelegation account. Which, explains why the only thing that remained that he could do was delegate. Some of them make absolutely no sense to me like the ones powering down their curation made, but a few good things would suffer. Especially if you burn it all.

But do it anyway. It was 'ninja-mined', right? How has it, with it's 4 year bullshit promise, really helped to further the 'development of Steem projects'? Is that not what this whole mess seems to be hinging on? And you want to go on the word of another person that anything, will actually be done? This is where I become the asshole and slap you in the face with my opinion.

"But Witty, burning it all is not very practical." The most successful dApp outside of Steemit itself, is @splinterlands. To my knowledge (and correct me if I'm wrong guys), they didn't need any help from Steemit Inc whatsoever. @aggroed ran a @fundition campaign, but even more successfully, completed and superseded the requested funds in a Kickstarter campaign. Living proof that we can go to preschool without our mommy.

So, why do we need that stake at all? Why keep sucking on a deadbeat dad's titty? What, to try and milk it for all it's worth? Dad's don't have tits. If you think @justinsunsteemit is going to be a better babysitter than @ned, you all are VERY CONFUSED as to what you would want to happen, what will be discussed and agreed upon that should happen, and what will happen.


"Tokenizing the web."

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