VT Vietnamese Restaurant in Samut Prakan, Thailand!

Hello, dear Steemians! Today I would like to show you and recommend a Vietnamese restaurant in Samut Prakan, Thailand. Last week I went there with my friend for luch. I used to visited this restaurant very often last year. It’s definitely one of my favourite restaurants, I like the food they offer to their customers because all the food there is nice and very delicious! The restaurant also looks great and all the staff are very nice, and you don’t have to wait for your food very long time, too! What Vietnamese food I liked to order from there? Are you ready for yummy food! Let me show you here! ;)


Vietnamese Meatball Wraps! (Nam Neung) The first meal I suppose many people like to order! This dish is very famous for Thai people, too! What it looks like? They will serve it for you as a set! It comes with: meatball, fresh spring rolls, Vietnamese sauce and lots of sliced fresh vegetables like: fresh banana, mango, cucumber, garlic and fresh chili, too! You can make it spicy, if you wish ;)


I will show you how to eat it! First, you have to put all the ingredients and fresh vegetables into the fresh spring roll and wrap all the ingredients, then take action!! Amm, yummy!!!


Vietnamese Rice Noodle Soup with pork Spare Ribs! We wanted to eat some soup, too. The soup is tasty and very smooth! It comes with Vietnamese rice noodles, pork ribs, Vietnamese Pork Sausage and fried shallots. It smells great and their rice noodle are soft, too. :)


Stuffed Crispy Egg Crepe! My friend’s asked about this meal and she wanted to try it! So, we have ordered it, I would like to say that this dish looks beautiful when I saw it! The crepe looks very thin and crispy, inside there is ground pork mixed with sprouts and it comes with a white sauce, it is very creamy, a bit salty and sweet, lots of taste in this sauce! It’s very delicious!


Banh Hoi! Another great meal we wanted to try, because of it looks very yummy as you can see here! Grilled pork belly came with small rice noodles which are very soft, and a little bit green spicy sauce to add to the taste!




Banana Blossom Shrimps Salad! I love this dish very much!! Before, I cooked it for Steemit, too. So in that day I wanted to show my friends the food I like to order when I visited this place! It’s a lot of taste in Banana Blossom Shrimps Salad! When I tried it, I was thinking they cooked this dish with coconut milk, and put on top fried ground white coconut again! All the ingredients are mixed in a salad! It’s super yummy for me!



All kinds of food there a bit similar taste, not very spicy, salty, sour and sweet, and they serve lots of fresh vegetables, too! The price of all the food are really reasonable! The place of the VT Vietnamese is very relaxed, it’s very green around the restaurant, very comfortable for customers you can choose to sit outside or inside, there is a lot of space for you. The place can get very busy, sometimes it’s full! Ahh, they have a car park and very nice service there, too! ;)




Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 13.01.46.png

If you are around there you should visit VT Vietnamese to get delicious Asian food! I hope you guys enjoyed reading my post! See you soon. ;)
Love, Maya

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