Useless information #41 - CPU vs GPU

CPU stands for "Central Processing Unit"

GPU stands for "Graphics Processing Unit"

Nowadays everybody talks about GPU... gamer, miner, big-data analysts, etc.
In the beginning it was not like that but CPU as always been a familiar designation.
CPU has been regarded as the brains of the computer, which makes sense... I mean... just look at the name: CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT!

CPU, as well as all the other parts of a computer are constantly improving. CPU are able to process graphics and in order to enhance this graphical processing capability, researchers built the GPU. The path of innovation and technology development is not linear and one day it became obvious that the GPU could fulfill some tasks originally attributed to the CPU... with better performance.
GPU were originally used for 3D game rendering but today they are being used for every task that requires computational power and speed, such as scientific research.

“GPUs are optimized for taking huge batches of data and performing the same operation over and over very quickly, unlike PC microprocessors, which tend to skip all over the place.” - Nathan Brookwood, Insight64 principal analyst.

Often, the GPU is used for transcoding video between different formats, image recognition, virus pattern matching, etc. They are usually more power-efficient than CPU when compared the amount of work done.
GPU computing is here to stay but don't try to build a computer without a CPU just yet. The combination of a CPU with a GPU deliver the best system performance, price, and power.

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