A Step Closer Towards Techno-Tyranny?

“Keep it quiet, but universal basic income is coming” - Cory Morningstar

A new proposal from our benevolent dictators is currently being introduced by "...by Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) and Pramila Jayapal (D-WA)."
From Forbes

The ABC Act would provide a $2,000 one-time payment to every person in America, including dependents, and would follow that up with an additional $1,000 per month for up to a year after the COVID-19 emergency ends. You can read more about the specifics of the proposal in this overview.

"How Project Libra And COVID-19 Drove Digital Dollar Idea In Congress"

...the legislation that includes the concept of a digital dollar is driven by monetary policy debates that have grown popular in light of COVID-19 and the attention Facebook’s Project Libra cast over cryptocurrency policy in Congress.
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In this climate of economic uncertainty some may see this is as good news. People may even believe that the corona crisis eventuated the slow-down of the economy. This misconception is convenient for the central bankers & governments, because it absolves them of all blame. The Federal Reserve's controlled demolition of the economy is an inconvenient detail that derails from the corona story.

Let's not forget also that this "corona crisis" was not "unpredictable" but studied & simulated by intelligence agencies, NGO's and policy makers. These reports were even given to the U.S. Senate. Senators like Richard Burr from North Carolina used this information to sell his stocks. The government insiders projected the worst economic recession for the second quarter (April, May, June) of this year. The theater of fear camouflages this dirty detail.

Even though the fatality rate of the corona virus have been adjusted we are still feeling the effects of a lock-down economy. "A stunning 26.5 million Americans..." have lost their job by the pin that popped the artificially inflated economy. This will necessitate radical solutions that will fundamentally change society. Thankfully, Central banks, corporations, NGO's and politicians have a solution ready. Remember that in this crisis we need, "brutal & effective" solutions like the Chinese technocratic model.


As the corona plandemic unfolds we can see a wider agenda being expedited. Whitney Webb from the Last American Vagabond reported on the wider agenda. Her report report states that the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (NSCAI) saw traditional payment systems as an obstacle to the implementation of an artificially intelligent surveillance/control grid.

Though the May 2019 NSCAI document was authored nearly a year ago, the coronavirus crisis has resulted in the implementation of many of the changes and the removal of many of the “structural” obstacles that the commission argued needed to be drastically altered in order to ensure a technological advantage over China in the field of AI. The aforementioned move away from cash, which is taking place not just in the U.S. but internationally, is just one example of many.

We are led to believe that we need an artificially intelligent surveillance grid to track the infection of the virus. The technology is already available, so why not put it to good use? If the Federal Reserve can just print money, then why not give everyone a basic income?

The United States financial system can be restructured by giving universal direct access to credit risk-free central bank money. In the 10 years since the financial crisis, technological advancements and regulatory tools have laid the foundation for Central Bank Digital Currencies to emerge as this economic resolution.


Is the implementation of a digital dollar by a syndicate of kleptocrats a good idea? The same central banks that cause financial crisis are once again ready to help us. Andrew Yang floated the idea of UBI in his failed presidential campaign. The idea may have seem like a far off distant possibility, but now it could be the very thing that "saves us." The economic disaster unfolding is a convenient opportunity to expedite its implementation. By convenient I mean that this will benefit all the big players. Remember that the government gets to choose what's essential, and who wins the big bucks.

Whitney Webb's report reminds us that the big market guiding world trends is total data collection of populations. China continues to dominate the world, according to the NSCAI interim report, due to the unity of the State, economy and the people. This unified technocratic system is under the watchful eyes of benevolent experts; this is the model they want to replicate. The problem according to these technocrats is that America's technocratic monopoly is impeded by civil liberties. So the solution, obviously, is to become like the "enemy." If you can't beat them then join them...in technocratic tyranny.

Ultimately, traditional libertarian values of free-speech & privacy get in the way of this long-term plan. Think of all the thought criminals who were deplatformed by Youtube, Facebook and Twitter...imagine if we give Big Tech more of our data? Can you imagine a world where you are excommunicated from the economy simply because you chose question authority?

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