Robot People

Forget West Life. Think about West World, the show. Robots are killing us? When I say robots, I mean androids. We are warned about how the robots kill us. How dangerous is artificial intelligence (AI)? That is the debate. Sadly, bad people worship robots. The robots are and will be outvoting us in so many ways. Robots are are also very programmed and are also very programmable like the LEFT and more so than the LEFT is, especially in the USA where they got blacks to vote blue and then illegal immigrants & now robots. This is scary. This is very scary.

Think about the robots in all of those books, movies, TV shows, cartoons, fiction, comics, stories, legends, dreams, ideas, and more. Mister android Data, the robot man in the future, in the 24th century, in Star Trek Next Generation, the TV show. Data tried to be a person. He had a daughter, brothers, & a cat. He had dreams. He was able to laugh via a special computer chip. He went to court in a battle to be classified as human. They are confusing us with gender, sexes, the thing about gays, lesbians, transgenders, the other 57 or more genders, and so on. They are confusing us on purpose while trying to slip in robots. What are robots in the face of millions of genders? If a man can say he identify as a woman, then why wouldn't the man not also be able to then classify himself as a pig, a dog, other animals, a toaster, or maybe even as a robot? We are talking about subjectivity, relativity. The bad people have been brain washing us humans in the USA and in many countries for centuries to accept these things. Slowly, gradually, they trick us & gradually ease us into thinking and feeling and believing and in doing what they want us to do, slowly, gradually, because that is how you boil frogs, toads, reptiles, cold blooded animals, creatures, beings, I mean human beings, specifically, cryptically, secretly, subliminally. The bad people bad people are in informational wars with us, the patriots. They slowly get more control over us. They are trying to kill us. Read the books. Watch the videos. Get red pilled. When you are awake, then please share the truth with others. If a man can be a woman, a dog, or maybe even a robot, then a robot could also be a man as well. Politicians can program the robot people to vote for them. Eighty feet tall robots can come and murder enemies of the state like as in Obama drone attacks and more.....

My favorite movies, shows, series, books, and so on, with robots, animals, and with a window into potential futures and into allegories, illustrations, applications, parables, that can help us, warn us, and much more:

  • Star Trek Next Generation, android robot Data
  • Blade Runner, robot Replicants, like Data
  • Matrix movies had flying robots & VR
  • Bicentennial Man starred Robin Williams, the first robot human
  • Terminator movies had big robots
  • Planets of the Apes is like Terminators but with Apes
  • WALL-E had an AI spaceship that took over
  • Animal Farm, & 1984, paints pictures of a world of animals, not humans
  • Avatar kind of merges the VR with the Matrix
  • Metal Gear is game with people & with terminator robots
  • Battlestar Galactica had Data clones, robots, copies
  • The Walking Dead has zombies instead of robots: sometimes, we wonder if some people are even people: should we be allowed to kill people, or zombies, if we cannot cure them?
  • Star Wars kind of makes us think we can live with peace with too many robots: in real life, bad people can use robots to enslave people, aliens, animals, planets, galaxies, and everything.

Robot People

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