Do your ears flop low like Elephant Jumbo Dumbo, or better yet, like a five inch floppy computer drive? Do you remember when computers had them? In case you don't, according to Wikipedia, eight inch (or 200 mm in diameter) floppy disk drives (FDD) were developed in 1967 by Hitler's IBM. Yeah, IBM helped Hitler.

IBM PC oQrxvWI.jpg


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Later on, in 1976, the Real Star Wars came in only five inches. That is right, Shugart Associates introduced the 5 1/4 inch FDD drives. IBM introduced the 3 1/2 inch hard floppy drives in 1986, which was just ten years after the introduction of the five inch drive. CD and DVD drives came around 1994, which was almost ten years after that. I remember older computers. We had them. In the early 2000's, people started buying thumb drives, pen drives, portable, external, hard drives, and things like that. I've never had Blue Ray or even Ray Ban Sunglasses.


I'm writing about this because my mother asked me if anybody would want to buy a really old computer monitor, labeled as "RGB Color 1000." The monitor was made in South Korea back in October of 1989. The monitor's model number is RGB-1000. I'm still looking around on Ebay and I'm searching on Duck Duck Go instead of Google. Watching Alex Jones of Info Wars on Bitchute.com. How can I find Alex? YouTube banned Owen Shroyer. As a family, we've been spring cleaning in July, like Christmas in July.

Spring Cleaning

Oh wait, it is not the spring. But specifically, today, we were moving boxes and stuff from 8 AM until about 8 PM. Today was a very big day. We got a lot done, me and mom. I helped Larry move out the rest of mom's stuff out of her storage unit on Monday and Tuesday. We took about 3 trips to get what was left. She has had that storage unit since about 2011 and has had it partly filled and emptied from time to time. We built a new shed this summer, me, Larry, and Tom. Maybe I should just say that I helped out and I wasn't perfect. I made mistakes in the painting, as you can see dried drips. I've been helping my mom with gardening the past eight months, as in most of this current year of 2018 when I'm not on Steemit, Gab, Minds, Facebook, YouTube, Bitchute, Twitter, Infowars.com, Real Video, Dlive.io, Bit Torrent, Ubuntu, etc, you know I'm sweating in the hot almost Seattle sun. Was looking at old audio tapes, players, radios, today. Ran into this radio DVD player with a small TV. Interesting. My fingers are getting tired. Got to take a shower right now.


By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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