August Hive PUD and Find my Foot PUD Guessing Contest

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This month has been a rather unproductive month for me. I've only managed 10 posts and increased my HP from 62700 to 63969. Those who know me will know that I like round numbers, and in normal days I'll power up a bit more to take me over the 64k mark. However, I've been travelling this week, and watching a lot of late night Olympics and am so tired now, that I just don't have the energy to buy more Hive. Anyway, I think the upwards climb still looks very good.

I have some nice content to share from my trip this week, so hopefully I will be more productive this month.


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Despite me being very unproductive and my lack of energy, one thing I still want to do is the Hive PUD Guessing Contest. I included this image in my last post which was about my trip to Orlando, USA years ago with my family. At the time of posting, I had planned to use this for my August Hive PUD Guessing Contest, and @gems.and.cookies made the same suggestion as well. Great minds think alike,

So this month's guessing game is very simple. Out of these 12 feet, which one do you think is mine? I won't give you any tips this month as I think you should be able to eliminated quite a few of them. And after that, if you're still not sure, check out my post above, I may have left some breadcrumbs there 🙃
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The prize pool is 5 HBD and the person who guesses the correct answer will win this. If there are multiple winners, they will share the 5 HBD. And, if you took part in the PUD I will double your prize if you win!!! The contest will end in 7 days time, just drop your answer below as a comment and I will upvote it with my mini Orca account as usual 🐋

Look forward to you joining in the fun again this month.

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