Extreme Sports: Sibu International Base Jump

After months of planning, the Sibu International Base Jump is finally on. A total of 34 base jumpers from 14 countries arrived in Sibu to take in the base jump and 2018 marks the 10th Anniversary of this event.

Jumpers leap from Wisma Sanyan which at 126 metres is the tallest building in Sarawak.

This international event is eagerly anticipated by both the locals and jumpers alike.

At the jumping platform, I managed to take photo just as the jumper leap off the building.

The jumpers at the platform getting ready to jump.

As this the 10th Anniversary of the base jump, we hold a superhero costume contest. This is me with Wonder Woman.

Jumpers painstakingly fold their parachutes after each jump.

I am very fortunate that I can observe the base jumping at close range. Here is my picture with the two jumpers before they take the plunge.

The tents next to the landing point is where the carnival in conjunction with the Sibu International Base Jump is held.

We held a welcoming dinner for all the base jumpers.

I am all strapped up but not ready for tandem jumping yet. Perhaps next year.

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