Our Doctors Visit Days are Now Part of Our Lives


Borrowed our daughter's photo for this early rise today.

We apologise for our silent for a long time.
Ever since Philip's surgery and constant lockdowns, his memory laps have been frequent and I am busy taking care of the house while our daughter is called back to office for work.

She now has to work full weekdays and further salary cut but we are still grateful because she has a job and we still have a roof above our heads to keep us sheltered in this buzzling urban city we are still trying to accustom to.

Now it is my turn for all the doctor's appointments and blood tests, before Philip has to go for another surgery for his hernia complications this Thursday.

We appreciate thoughts and prayers for these two old folks.

We hope you all young people out there are still healthy and strong, remembering hygiene routine until this straneous pandemic is over.

Best wishes to you all

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