Grocery Hunting, Here We Come


This is a rare moment for us to actually able to go out together with our daughter, but with a good reason and excuse.

Tomorrow is our water baptism day and Philip's trousers are actually too loose!


Knowing that we do need to get prepped for 2 sets of clothes and since Philip has lost 2 sizes, baggy pants are a bit dangerous for climbing in and out of the personal pool.

We are told we will be VVIPs because of SOP, we have an open air and individual sanitised pool.


We wanted to support the church's charity store Glad Shop, unfortunately they ran out of the right size. So we have to settle the most convenient supermarket to get the most affordable pair of pants.

Being able to be out of the house is really wonderful, but our tired legs disagree.

Now we need our naps before dinner so that we won't feel too tired for tomorrow.

Wishing you all well, safe, and healthy
Philip and René

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