To do or not to do


I didn’t really had much choice the other day as we needed to get some groceries and going to the markets is where you can get some really fresh produce.

However once we got there .... I guess social distancing was not really enforced. We did do a quick in and out of there once we got what we wanted ...

However the question remains ... trying to maintain a social distance of 1 meter is close to impossible in some locations as the venue may just not be suited for it ... nor is there any enforcements on it. So how do we actually balance out to do social distancing when everyone else does lot comply to those rules.

I guess being very choosy which where we go is one way to effectively handle this situation however ... I guess one of the best practices is to impose an anal hygiene guideline for yourself. Eg. Use sanitisers ... wash up each time you get home ... always use masks and throw ur clothes into the laundry each time you get home . Well that’s what I do .... hope you all stay safe ... that darn virus is still lurking out there

Cheers and have a great and amazing Friday 😀😀😀

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