Looks like a pregnancy test ! But it’s Covid test kit


I bought this rapid self test kit from a friend and decided to try it out since my lil boy has been to school and possible in close proximity with a covid 19 person.

The rapid test cost about MYR 80 each pack and it’s really simple to use. Take out the long stick which looks like an ear bud .... stick it up ur nose and then mix it in a solution which was provided.

Once that’s done .... you drip it onto a little tester and wait about 10 mins . You will then see the results almost immediately to see if it’s Single line ... test is valid and you are negative ... 2 lines .... test is valid and you are POSITIVE !!!!!

I guess all families should keep some of these rapid test kits at home and use it if you suspect to have symtoms. If you are positive I do recommend to go and get another official test done. Just my own opinions though.

Anyway .... it’s the weekend !! Enjoy it with the family and stay safe. Cheers alll 😃😃😃😃

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