Where has Gohba been?

Gday everyone, long time no speak. I've been muling around a Steem comeback for a few weeks now, but today is the day.

So I guess the big question is, What on earth happened to you!!!

Basically it's been a mix of residual burn out, frustration and complete lack of time. But lets start at the start.

Most of last year I had a few SP leases that required diligent posting EVERY....SINGLE...DAY no matter what to try and recover some ROI. In the end I was just exhausted and couldn't string a sentence togeher. Everything I was thinking about was what would be my next Steemit post that wouldn't suck too bad.

Then theres the frustration part, myself and a few other people began running a top 20 witness on the VIT blockchain. It had great promise, but it ended up being completely fucked over by a number of "respected" people on here that turned out to be nothing more than bottom feeding scumbag asshats. We developed a system similar to Steemcleaners to tackle piracy and abuse, then a colleuge fucked us over. After that the development slowed down and the project went to shit.

Then there's the lack of time part. for those of you who talked to me a lot in the good old days, you know how I detest actually working. My ideal day is about 5mins work a day. Well at christmas I quit my job and started at a new place. Great money, and lots of travel, but I have to actually work these days, so i rarely get to sit at a computer or chat in Discord.

So these days life is a little different, I still have my small bags of crypto. I'm currently building my own designed CNC router to step up my woodworking game, and I spend most weekends at the beach or coaching kids soccer.

I'm going to try and post at least once a week now, I'll probably go back to do more photo posts of my wood working stuff as thats a bit more interesting.

Thanks for sticking with me, and all those who checked in on my over the past 6 months, I really appreciate it.

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