Thoughts More Tangled Than My Headphones #42


No visible wounds so I need no suture..
What I try to do now is to write my own future.

Never give up or cave in..
I am trying to change what has been.

I am often bright and clever..
Not sure how long I can hold the lever.

The grenade has no safety pin..
Regardless of the outcome, it's not a mortal sin.

With all the power the almighty has given me..
I hold on as I know it's the key.

What happens when my tendons tear..?
That's one helluva fear.

That is something I can't control..
I'm nobody in particular, I'm just a broken soul.

I am broken inside..
Something has changed or died.

Not sure what or when it happened..
I am lost at sea, a bad captain.

Thought I could steer this ship..
Eager to change my course and skip..
Skip some of the waves and heavy rain..
Anything to feel something more than pain.

That is nothing new, no chip in the eye..
It's like a screw, it's permanent and blocks my view.

I hold on and get through..
Done that since the beginning for I always knew..
Life is a fucked up stew, and all I can do is to swallow & chew.

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