Thoughts More Tangled Than My Headphones #40

I'm turning thirty-five, I'm still on Hive, trying to survive and thrive.
Four years since I signed up, Steem was still a pup.

Justin, Ned and other assholes I have met, people I still trying to forget.
They were certainly a threat, steered my actions which I regret.

All of them messed with my brain, caused nothing but agony and pain.
They didn't even try to explain, they just referred to their bullshit-campaign.

Blockchain genius or fake-ass guru, one word to describe them: cuckoo.

I would never in my life contribute to Steem, Hive is supreme.
That is why I got them to erase everything I've done, I decided to run.

I might never become rich or wealthy on Hive, but this is where we are alive.

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